How Much Is E6000 Glue In Nigeria

How Much Is E6000 Glue In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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The E6000 original fabric glue price starts at N11,000 in Nigeria.

For all types of fabric and decorative goods, fabric fuse is a superb adhesive option. Even after washing, the cloth may stretch and move because of its extraordinary flexibility!

It is ideal for gluing things to clothing.

Pros: When fully cured, it may be washed; it’s safe to use a steamer to give it a fast pass; it should work with most materials.

Cons: requires some weights or pinning to fully cure, which takes around 3 days. I always turn to this when I need fabric adhesive.

How Much Is E6000 Glue In Nigeria

How does the E6000 Plus compare?

I couldn’t find the original E6000, which I use to make jewelry and other crafts, so I ordered this E6000 Plus.

I was wrong in thinking that this was the same product without the smell.

This glue doesn’t smell, but it also doesn’t have the same adhesive qualities as the original (and you still need air because it’s still dangerous).

Even after clamping for 48 hours, surfaces that were firmly and permanently adhered with E6000 simply break apart with this E6000 Plus.

It works well on similar porous surfaces, but most glues can handle that. I wouldn’t want to utilize anything that will experience stress on non-porous surfaces.

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On the plus side, it does clean up well, much like the original E6000. It can be removed quite cleanly by dabbing some nail paint remover (acetone or another type) onto a cotton bud. Like most excellent silicone-based adhesives, it is transparent and flexible.

Overall, it’s a respectable glue, but its use is considerably more constrained than the original. If what you’re looking for is a flexible, clear, somewhat strong adhesive, then this should work just fine. If you require more, keep looking for the original E6000 like I am doing.

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