How Much Is Glue Gun In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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The sticks are made so that they can be put on with a glue gun. The gun has a heating element that stays on all the time to melt the plastic glue, which you push through with your finger.

The glue gun stick is tough and doesn’t get thinner as it hardens.

In Nigeria, Glue Guns start at 3100.

Where To Buy Hot Glue Gun In Lagos?

Apy’s Couture sells hot gun glue in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can choose from different sizes, and you would really like them.

How to Use a Glue Gun

Just use one of the two 7 mm glue sticks that come with the glue gun.

Plug your glue gun into an electrical outlet and turn on the power to get it to start heating up.

Your new tool will be ready to use in about five minutes.

Check again by gently squeezing the gun’s trigger to see if hot glue comes out of the nozzle. If it doesn’t, give the gun more time to heat up.

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Glue Gun Uses

Aside from industrial uses, glue guns are used to stick fabrics together.

Aside from that, they are also useful for attaching small joints, laminating surfaces, and putting together appliances, HVAC units, and mattresses.

Glue guns can also be used to stick small joints together when putting together furniture or working with wood.

How Much Is Glue Gun In Nigeria


The Hot Melt Glue sticks are super-strong adhesive glue sticks that can be used to stick together wood, metal, glass, fabric, floral foam, paper, plastics, cardboard, ceramics, and card. Hot-melt glue sticks work in Hot Melt glue guns.

These sticks are thick and stick together well without breaking apart.

They are also made of materials that don’t let air in. These glues are meant to be used in glue guns that get very hot.

Sticks are made from high-quality raw materials and can be used for a wide range of everyday projects that require glue.

They are great for sticking together things that can’t handle the heat. These glue sticks can be used in different temperatures.

The glue sticks have a standard diameter of 7 or 11mm, so they can be used in any standard-sized glue gun. The Glue Gun, which is also in our online store, can be used with this glue stick.

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