How Much Is Got2b Glue In Nigeria

How Much Is Got2b Glue In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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The starting price of Got2b starts at ₦ 8,590.

Great for sticking details to clothes. Pros: When fully cured, it can be washed, a quick pass with a steamer is safe, and it should work on most things. Cons: It takes about three days to fully cure, so it needs to be pinned or weighted down. This is the glue I always buy when I need it.

I love this eyebrow glue so much. If you use too much, it will leave a white film behind, so be careful. Aside from that, it pretty much holds all day.

This spiking glue is resistant to water and holds so well that your style will last until you wash your hair again. Move hair into place by pushing it through. Here, nothing moves!

Add a shot of Got2b glued blasting freeze spray to the end of your style to keep it in place for a long time. Great for frontals and wigs.

Where in Lagos to buy Got2b

This product is sold by Apy’s Couture.

You can buy the Got2b glued spiking glue gel and the blasting freeze spray. Use it to style your hair in general and on lace wigs and frontals. The most popular hair glue in the US. (Ask malibu dollface). It’s not glued, but a very strong gel that holds very well until you wash it off. Price is N7,000. Call us now or send us a Whatsapp.

It works well with natural hair. When you wash your hair, it will come off.

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How Much Is Got2b Glue In Nigeria


Schwarzkopf Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel can be used to keep your natural hair edges in place or as a strong glue for your lace fronts or full cap wigs. Users all over the world swear that this is the best gel/edge control that works for more than 8 hours.

  • Easy to dry
  • Clears up
  • Keeps going late into the night

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