How Much Is Acrylic Liquid In Nigeria

How Much Is Acrylic Liquid In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Hey, ladies! If you can’t let your nails grow out without breaking at least two of them, and you get a little envious when you see someone else’s long, perfect, almond- or square-shaped nails, acrylic nails are just what you need.

Acrylic Liquid in Nigeria costs anywhere from; ₦ 1,458. to  ₦ 9,440 per bottle.

Powder and liquid monomers are mixed together to make a blob of dough. This dough is then shaped onto your nails with a brush and left to dry in the air. This my friend is the ingredient of Acrylic nails.

Acrylics don’t need a lamp to cure, and you can change the shape of your nails or make them longer with them. But they are not easy by any means. Getting acrylic nails costs money, and taking care of them also costs money. Also, if they aren’t done right, acrylics can damage your nails.

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A mixture of liquid and powder is used to put on acrylic nails. This creates a hard layer of protection over the natural nails, making them look longer and stronger.

Acrylic nails can be worn for a long time if they are filled every two to three weeks. The natural nails can also be fixed with IBX treatment. With this new treatment, the top layers of the nail bed are fused together to make the nail stronger.

How Much Is Acrylic Liquid In Nigeria

People who put on acrylic nails to make their natural nails stronger actually weaken and hurt their natural nails in the long run. It is important to avoid being in the water for a long time.

You should also wear gloves when you clean the house or wash dishes. To keep acrylic nails in good shape, you should also use good cuticle oil.

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