How Much Is Acrylic Powder In Nigeri

How Much Is Acrylic Powder In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Hey ladies, the magic of acrylic nails is exactly what you need if you are the type of person who cannot grow out your nails without breaking at least two of them along the way and feel a little envious whenever you see another lady’s long, flawless, almond or square-shaped nails.

Acrylic powder in Nigeria costs N1,200 to N8,000 depending on brand and quality.

Acrylic nails are made of a dough-like mixture of powder and liquid monomer that is molded onto your nails with a brush and then dried by the air.

Acrylics can be used to stretch or change the curve of your nails and do not need a lamp to cure. They are not precisely simple, though. Both getting acrylic nails and maintaining them are expensive. If acrylics are not applied correctly, they can also harm your nails.

In order to apply acrylic nails, a liquid and powder mixture is utilized to coat the natural nails with a hard protective covering, giving the impression that they are longer and stronger.

If you receive in-fills every two to three weeks, acrylic can be worn for a very long time. The IBX procedure can also be used to fix natural nails. For increased strength, this ground-breaking procedure welds the top layers of the nail bed together.

It is important to realize that people who fix artificial nails in an effort to have stronger natural nails really cause long-term damage and weaken the natural nails.

It’s vital to avoid staying in the water for too long. When washing pots and cleaning the house, you should also put on protective gloves. Use quality cuticle oil as well to keep acrylic nails healthy.

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How Much Is Acrylic Powder In Nigeria

Where To Buy Acrylic Powder In Nigeria?

You can buy acrylic powder in Nigeria from GlozicExclsuive.

We sell all kinds of acrylic powder you would love.

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