Price of Frontal Wig in Nigeria

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Finding the perfect frontal wig in Nigeria has become easier and more accessible. Whether you’re looking for a black lace frontal wig or a colored one, the market offers a variety of options to fit every style and budget. From what I’ve gathered, the price range for frontal wigs can vary significantly, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

What’s the Price Range? The starting price for a basic black lace frontal wig is around 22,000 Naira. If you’re leaning towards something more vibrant, colored lace frontals begin at 26,000 Naira and can go up to 100,000 Naira, depending on the specifics you’re looking for​​.

Types and Styles Frontals come in various types, primarily differentiated by their base – lace and silk. Lace base frontals are more sought after due to their natural appearance and versatility in styling. Sizes vary too, with the most common being the 13×4 lace frontal, though other sizes like 13×2 and 13×6 are also available, catering to different coverage needs and styles​​.

Where to Buy? For those shopping online, platforms like Jumia offer frontals ranging from 25,000 to 70,000 Naira. It’s a similar price range if you’re shopping in Lagos, making it convenient for you to find the perfect match for your needs without compromising on quality or breaking the bank​​.

Why Choose a Frontal Wig? Choosing a frontal wig comes down to seeking versatility, natural appearance, and the option for various hairstyles that mimic your natural hairline closely.

Whether for daily wear or special occasions, a frontal wig can elevate your style and confidence.

For the best deals and a wide selection of frontal wigs in Nigeria, you might want to explore both online and local stores.

Each option offers unique benefits, from convenience to the ability to see and feel the product before purchasing.

Always consider the type of frontal, the size of the lace base, and the hair’s length, color, and texture to ensure you get the best fit for your personal style and needs.

Price of Frontal Wig in Nigeria

FAQs on Frontal Wigs in Nigeria

1. What is the starting price for a lace frontal wig in Nigeria?

  • A black lace frontal wig starts at 22,000 Naira​​.

2. How much does a colored lace frontal wig cost in Nigeria?

  • Colored lace frontal wigs range from 26,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira​​.

3. Where can I buy a frontal wig in Nigeria?

  • Frontal wigs can be purchased online on platforms like Jumia and physical stores in cities like Lagos. Prices on Jumia range from 25,000 to 70,000 Naira​​.

4. What are the different types of frontal wig bases?

  • There are two main types: lace base and silk base, with lace base frontals being more popular for their natural appearance​​.

5. Which frontal wig base is more popular, and why?

  • Lace base frontals are preferred due to their natural look and versatility in styling compared to silk base frontals​​.

6. What are the common sizes of lace frontals available?

  • The most common size is the 13×4 lace frontal. Other sizes include 13×2 and 13×6, offering different coverage options​​.

7. How do the prices of frontal wigs vary?

  • Prices depend on the type of frontal, its size, and the hair’s length, color, and texture​​.

8. Can I get a frontal wig for under 30,000 Naira in Nigeria?

  • Yes, basic black lace frontal wigs start at 22,000 Naira, and there are options available under 30,000 Naira​​.

9. Are there any high-end frontal wigs available in Nigeria?

  • Yes, some colored lace frontals can cost up to 100,000 Naira, depending on the specifications​​.

10. What should I consider when buying a frontal wig?

  • Consider the base type, lace size, and the hair’s length, color, and texture to match your style and needs​​.

11. How can I ensure I’m buying a quality frontal wig?

  • Purchase from reputable stores and online platforms, and consider reviews and recommendations from other buyers​​​​.

12. Is it possible to buy frontal wigs directly from manufacturers?

  • Yes, buying directly from manufacturers like Apy’s Couture can offer better deals, especially in bulk purchases​​.

13. How do I choose the right color for my frontal wig?

  • Match the wig color with your natural hair or skin tone, or choose a color that complements your personal style​​.

14. Do frontal wigs come with baby hairs?

  • Many lace frontals are designed with baby hairs to enhance the natural appearance​​.

15. Can I style my frontal wig in high ponytails and buns?

  • Yes, especially with lace base frontals that offer a more natural hairline, allowing for versatile styling options​

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