How Much is Braided Wig in Nigeria?

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Looking for a braided wig in Nigeria? You’re in for a treat! Braided wigs are a fashion staple that offer the elegance of traditional braids without the hours spent in a salon chair. Whether you’re after something for everyday wear or a special occasion, there’s a wide range of options available to suit your style and budget.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend? Prices for braided wigs vary widely based on the style, length, and complexity of the braid. On Jumia, you can find a variety of options, from Cornrow and Box Braided Lace Wigs ranging between ₦19,500 to ₦35,000, to more luxurious Full Lace Box Braids and Ghana Weaving styles going for as high as ₦40,000​​. If you’re browsing through, the price spectrum widens, with options available from as low as ₦25,000 to premium selections that can cost up to ₦38,000 and more, depending on the intricacy and design of the wig​​.

What to Consider When Buying a Braided Wig in Nigeria When selecting a braided wig, consider not only the price but also the type of braid that suits your face shape and personal style. Box Braids, Ghana Weave Braided Wigs, Bob Braided Wigs, Twist Braids, Kinky Twists, and Million Braids are just a few of the varieties available, each offering a different look and feel​​.

Why Choose a Braided Wig? Braided wigs provide a hassle-free way to sport a beautifully braided hairstyle without the potential damage to your natural hair from prolonged tension. They’re also a time-saver, perfect for those with busy schedules or anyone looking to switch up their look with minimal effort.

Where to Shop for Braided Wigs You can find braided wigs on popular online shopping platforms like Jumia and, which offer a wide range of styles from various sellers. Always check reviews and seller ratings to ensure you’re getting a quality product that matches the advertised photos and descriptions.

In summary, whether you’re looking for something understated for daily wear or a statement piece for a special event, there’s a braided wig out there for you. With prices to accommodate every budget, you can enjoy the beauty and convenience of braided wigs anytime, anywhere.

How Much is Braided Wig in Nigeria

FAQs on Braided Wigs in Nigeria

1. What is the price range for braided wigs in Nigeria?

  • Prices vary widely, starting from as low as ₦14,500 for simpler styles and can go up to ₦40,000 or more for luxurious full lace box wigs​​.

2. Where can I buy a braided wig online in Nigeria?

  • You can find a wide selection on platforms like Jumia and, offering various styles at different price points​​​​.

3. Are there different styles of braided wigs available?

  • Yes, options include cornrow wigs, box braided lace wigs, Ghana weaving, and center-parted Ghana weaving wigs, among others​​.

4. Can I find affordable braided wigs in Nigeria?

  • Absolutely! There are budget-friendly options available, with prices starting from around ₦14,500​​.

5. What should I look for when choosing a braided wig?

  • Consider the style, length, and color that best suit your personal taste and the quality of the wig.

6. Are braided wigs comfortable to wear?

  • Yes, they’re designed for comfort with lightweight netting caps that are breathable and fit well​​.

7. How do I maintain my braided wig?

  • Keep it on a wig stand when not in use, gently wash with appropriate products, and avoid excessive heat.

8. Can I style my braided wig?

  • Many braided wigs come pre-styled, but you can make minor adjustments. Avoid altering the braid pattern to maintain its look.

9. Do braided wigs look natural?

  • High-quality braided wigs are designed to look as natural as possible, often including features like baby hairs for a realistic hairline.

10. How long can a braided wig last?

  • With proper care, a braided wig can last several years. The lifespan varies based on how frequently it’s worn and how well it’s maintained.

11. Can I wear a braided wig if I have sensitive skin?

  • Yes, look for wigs made with hypoallergenic materials and breathable caps to minimize irritation.

12. Are there braided wigs with closures?

  • Yes, some braided wigs come with closures to provide a seamless look​​.

13. Can I find braided wigs with different types of braids?

  • Absolutely! From box braids to Ghana weaves and twist braids, there’s a wide variety available​​.

14. Is it possible to find colored braided wigs?

  • Yes, braided wigs come in various colors, including multi-color options, to match any preference​​.

15. How do I choose the right size braided wig?

  • Most braided wigs have adjustable caps to fit a range of head sizes. Ensure the wig you choose has these adjustable features for a snug fit.

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