How Much Is Suede Fabric In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Suede Fabric costs up to N6,000 per yard in Nigeria at the moment.

Suede is a form of fabric manufactured from the underside of animal hides, often those of goats or pigs. It is distinguished by its soft, velvety texture and distinct matte finish.

The top layer of the hide, which contains the hair, is removed first in the process of creating suede. This results in the soft, fuzzy underbelly of the hide being separated into layers and chemically treated to give it its unique texture and color.

The completed suede fabric is created by brushing, buffing, and finishing the resulting material.

Suede is a versatile and popular fabric that can be found in anything from apparel and accessories to furniture and home décor. It is frequently used to produce shoes, jackets, and other clothing because of its unusual texture and matte finish, which make it both comfortable and fashionable.

How Much Is Suede Fabric In Nigeria

It is also extensively used in the production of gloves, caps, and other accessories.

Suede is prominent in the area of home furnishings in addition to its fashion applications. Because of its soft, plush feel, it is frequently used to build furniture such as couches, chairs, and ottomans.

It’s particularly popular for making cushions, throws, and other decorative items, thanks to its unusual texture and matte finish, which offer aesthetic appeal to any area.

Where To Buy Suede Fabric

You can order your suede fabric from Apy’s Couture.

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