How Much Is A Bale Of Fabric In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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A fabric bale is a huge, compressed bundle of fabric material that is primarily used for storage and transport. Fabric bales are frequently used in the apparel and textile industries and are typically constructed of cotton, wool, or synthetic materials.

A fabric bale’s size and weight might vary based on the type of cloth and intended application. To keep them clean and secure, bales are frequently rectangular in shape and may be coated in plastic or other protective materials.

The price of half or quarter-bale fabrics is N900 to N1,200 per yard.

Purchasing a bale of fabric has various potential advantages, including cost savings, ease, and the flexibility to acquire a big quantity of a single fabric type.

Purchasing a bale of fabric can be more cost-effective than purchasing smaller amounts of fabric because it usually comes at a lower price per yard.

Furthermore, purchasing a bale of fabric allows you to buy a huge quantity of a single fabric type all at once, which is useful if you are working on a major sewing project or need to stock up on a specific type of fabric.

Finally, purchasing a bale of fabric can be a good method to ensure that you have a steady supply of a specific fabric on hand, which is essential if you own a business or frequently use a specific type of fabric in your projects.

Where to Get Fabric Bales For Sale?

You can place an order with us.

Apy’s Couture sells cheap and affordable fabric bales.

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How Much Is A Bale Of Fabric In Nigeria

How Many Yards in a Bale of Fabric?

40-100 yards or more.

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