How Much Is Sequence Material Per Yard? & Where to Buy!

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Depending on the quality, the price of the original sequin or sequence materials ranges from NGN 3,000 to N10,000 per yard.

The price of an item is determined by its quality and texture. Sequin fabric is the ideal complement to any occasion. It is dazzling, shimmering, and elevates the boring to the fantastic.

Find the per-meter sequin fabric cost and the many varieties of sequin fabric below.

Sequin is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style. It is ideal for nighttime or special occasions and, when matched with the proper accessories, will never steal the spotlight. Try this Sequin material for a festive effect. It has an eye-catching shine that will provide life to your designs.

If you are a fashion-conscious person who wants to wow your friends by shopping for attractive outfits, fabric selection is crucial. One of my coworkers traveled to Nigeria in quest of inexpensive sequin fabric but was disappointed by the price. She was extremely near to abandoning her desire for a vintage evening gown.

Want to purchase sequin fabrics in Nigeria but have no idea where to find the greatest deals? Then you are in the proper location. Here you will discover where to purchase sequin fabric at the greatest price and how much it costs.

Pictures of Sequence Materials

Pictures of Sequence Material

Price of Sequin Fabric in Nigeria

The price of Sequin Fabric in Nigeria varies according to the type of sequin fabric desired. The most expensive sort of sequin fabric is Austrian-made Swarovski crystal, which is also regarded as the highest quality. Each yard can cost up to $20 (NGN16,000).

Beads and rhinestones are the next most expensive sort of sequin fabric, which may cost up to $15 (N10,950) per yard.

The next most expensive sort of sequin fabric is comprised of plastic beads, which cost approximately $10 (N7,300) per yard.

The cheapest sequin fabric is created from aluminum foil and costs approximately $5 (N3,650) per yard.

Sequin fabric is a gorgeous, shimmering fabric with glittery flecks that reflect light. This bright and contemporary fabric is ideal for adorning apparel, accessories, and more! You can wear sequined fabric at night for a touch of opulence. Because they are so brilliant and dazzling, one of their most common applications is as a tablecloth.

Types of sequin fabric

Here are several varieties of sequin fabric that can be utilized for your project:

  • Sequin mesh

This style of cloth is woven from silver or gold threads that have been treated with small beads. Because it appears wonderful under stage lights, it is frequently utilized in dance costumes and on stage.

This style of fabric is created by twisting together strands of colorful yarn to form a design or pattern. It can be utilized to create scarves and other items requiring additional texture and dimension.

  • Sequin paper

This fabric is created by adhering small pieces of colorful paper to a background material, such as felt or cotton batting so that each piece has its unique pattern or design.

As opposed to other fabrics, it does not fray when cut into smaller pieces, making it ideal for scrapbooking and other crafts (like lace).

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Best Sequins Materials

Fabric with sequins is perfect for creative projects, clothes, and home decor. It has a metallic finish and an iridescent fabric with a huge sequin pattern. Sequin fabric is comprised of an opaque base fabric and a sewn-on glittering surface that gives the image a shimmering look.

The durable yet lightweight sequin fabric is ideal for apparel and home decor. This cloth has a shimmering appearance, so when the light hits it, it appears beautiful. In its most fundamental form, sequin fabric is created by weaving threads into a satin or grosgrain weave, which produces horizontal lines.

These threads are then hand-stitched to form sequins, which are little rhinestones.

Our Sequin fabric is surprisingly lightweight for such a brilliant, shimmering, and beautiful fabric! This fabric has a sequin surface with a white background on one side and a black background on the other. You could stitch it into a party dress, a teen’s stocking, a winter headband, or a clutch purse.

The sequin fabric is a beautiful fabric that shimmers and shines when illuminated. It is ideal for evening attire, party dresses, and accessories. Sequin fabric is available in a variety of sizes and hues, allowing you to immediately begin your project.

Sequin Fabric Price Per Meter

When you want to purchase sequin fabric by the meter, you may do so from a range of different retailers. Before deciding where to acquire the cloth, it is imperative that you conduct some research.

Examine the pricing supplied by various sellers as your initial step. This will give you a decent sense of how much purchasing the fabric from each vendor will cost.

Before deciding who to purchase from, you can also consider reading reviews from customers who have purchased sequin fabric from these suppliers. This will ensure that you receive an economical production of high quality.

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