How Much Is Mikado Silk In Nigeria

How Much Is Mikado Silk In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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The price per yard of mikado silk ranges from NGN 5,000 to NGN 15,000, depending on its quality. This fabric is created by selecting the highest-quality silk from around the world by hand.

The extraordinary way in which colors flow on mikado silk fabric makes it one of the most coveted fabrics among fashion designers and stylists worldwide.

Mikado Silk has a distinctive, naturally glossy texture and is highly coveted for its fluidity, longevity, and resistance to creases.

The fabric known as Mikado is a sort of silk that is exceedingly smooth, delicate, and soft. It is one of the most sought-after fabrics by fashion designers and stylists throughout the world because mikado silk fabric flows colors so wonderfully.

The Mikado silk fabric was developed to be the finest raw material. Its texture and smoothness are unparalleled. Mikado silk is one of the most sought-after materials available to fashion designers throughout the world due to the incredible way in which its colors flow.

The advantages of utilizing this fabric include:

  • The elegance of mikado silk fabric lies in its velvety feel and exquisite texture. Silk is one of the most sought fabrics for fashion designers because of the way it captures and retains light, which gives it great depth and sheen.
  • Its silky texture, fluid designs, and vivid hues make it a popular choice among fashion designers.

Mikado cloth is among the finest and most opulent fabrics available.

This material is favored by fashion designers due to its smooth surface, brilliant colors, and long-lasting resilience. Fabric made from Mikado silk is a high-quality material with numerous advantages. Compared to other fabrics, it has a fine texture, perfect weaving, and greater strength and durability.

In recent years, Mikado Silk has become a popular fabric in high fashion due to its distinctively smooth and silky textures, as well as its spectacular ability to display color tones. Mikado Silk is one of the most coveted fabrics in haute couture. Its distinctive texture and visual appeal have made it a favorite of stylists and fashion designers worldwide.

Mikado is a type of silk renowned for its luster and softness. It is frequently textured and esteemed by fashion designers and stylists. The fantastic sheen of the fabric lends rich tones to the clothes. Among the numerous benefits are:

The fabric is a good source of sturdiness, softness, and flow, all of which contribute to a sumptuous end product. Mikado silk is a type of silk distinguished by its extra-smooth texture, robust personality, and remarkable color saturation.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Mikado Fabric

We have opted to give you the greatest quality and rates for mikado silk prices in Nigeria and many other goods, as we recognize that obtaining mikado fabric types may not be a straightforward matter. We can also assist you if you follow our product options listed here.

Mikado cloth is a silk fabric of the highest quality, and you will find it at most Nigerian weddings. It is a smooth and soft fabric that works well for most apparel types. We will assist you in acquiring the finest mikado textiles at reasonable pricing.

We are committed to assisting you in locating the most reasonably priced, high-quality mikado silk fabrics. On our website, you can select the appropriate fabric for your needs, whether it be home decor or clothes. We also provide additional goods such as drapes and upholstery to assist you with your various construction tasks.

How Much Is Mikado Silk In Nigeria

Where to Buy Mikado Silk in Lagos

We are aware of the difficulties people have while looking for wholesale mikado fabric online. However, as a result of our study on product variants, we are familiar with a website that will provide you with the quality discount and pricing you require. We can also assist you. Contact us on WhatsApp for further information.

We want to be a one-stop shop for all of your fabric and variety-related requirements. However, we are aware that acquiring mikado fabrics may not be simple. We have made the decision to supply you with the greatest quality and rates for mikado silk prices in Nigeria and other things.

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