How Much is Lace Material in Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Lace is used to make many different kinds of clothes. From party dresses to wedding veils and even lingerie. These things are very pretty and will spice up any outfit.

Depending on the type and quality of the lace, lace materials can cost anywhere from N20,000 to N200,000 in Nigeria.

There are many different kinds of lace materials on the market in Nigeria. Before you buy these things, you should think about how much they cost. This post will talk about how much different kinds of lace on the Nigerian market cost. We’ll also talk about a few other important points after that.

As earlier mentioned, the Prices of Lace Materials in Nigeria range from NGN20,000 to N200,000.

Before you go out to buy lace materials, it’s important to know how much each one costs.

The prices of these things are affected by a number of things. Some of these factors are the type of material, where it will be used, and who will sell it.

Where to Buy Lace Fabrics in Lagos, Nigeria

Apy’s Couture is a reliable online store in Nigeria where you can buy trendy lace fabrics. Our lace fabrics are unique, affordable, and classy. We sell cheap lace fabrics that you can use to make asoebi. No one forgets about the bride. We’ve put together a list of different kinds of lace fabrics that you can use for your second dress.

Types of Lace Fabric in Nigeria and their Prices

We looked into the market for you and these are the prices of the most popular lace materials in Nigeria.

Cord lace == from N20,000
Polish lace == from N25,000
Swiss lace == from N20,000
Voile lace == from N20,000
Net lace == from N20,000
Dry lace == from N20,000

Apy’s Couture is your best bet if you want to buy high-quality lace materials in Nigeria at the best prices. You can get in touch with them by clicking on the Whatsapp button on the screen. This will give you pictures and current prices.

There are many other kinds of materials that can be used to make lace. Note that the Dollar-Naira exchange rate, government policies, and import duties all affect how much these materials cost. When we find out that prices have changed, we will let you know here.

  • Corded Lace Material.

This lace fabric is made with thick cording and is very good.

  • Beaded Lace:

Beads and sequins are used to make this kind of lace.

  • Guipure lace

This lace fabric is see-through, so it needs a lining or an inner. It can be worn with both traditional and English clothes. Women wear it as a blouse or a wrap. It can also be used to make beautiful dresses for women, kids, and both.

It costs NGN 2,000 per yard, or NGN 9,000,000 for 4 yards.

  • Tulle Lace

5 yards of it cost NGN 25,000.

This kind of lace is clear, thin, and very pretty. It is used to make wedding dresses and to decorate. It has big and small flower designs on it. Tulle is a girly fabric. It makes the curves of women stand out. Even though it’s fragile. In 2022 and after, tulle lace will be a must-have for women.

  • Dry Lace

Dry lace is one of Nigeria’s newest lace materials. It is usually sold for NGN 12,000 for five yards. Most Yoruba people speak it. It is used to make the IRO, Buba, Caftan, blouses, wrappers, and other trendy clothes for young women. Paper lace is a lot like dry lace.

  • French Lace

5 yards of it costs NGN 45,000.

Lace from France is called “French lace.” It is a beautiful lace that is used for weddings all over the world, whether they are traditional or white. It is often used to make skirts, blouses, gowns, asoebi, and other clothes in Nigeria. There are a lot of different colors and styles of French lace. You have a choice.

  • Needle lace

This kind of lace is made with just one needle and one thread. These things help make the tiny stitches that are the foundation of needle lace. This is one of the most common kinds of lace in the world. Because needle lace is so popular, people in different parts of the world have different names for it.

  • Alencon lace

The Alencon lace gets its name from the French city of Alencon. This kind of lace was made for the first time in this city. Alencon lace is made with fine needlepoint and has a design that looks like a flower. Even though we don’t call it Alencon lace, it’s pretty common in Nigeria.

  • Bobbin lace

This kind of lace is made by winding several bobbins with spools of thread. After that, the lace threads are wrapped around pins to make a pattern.

Belgium is one of the best places in the world to make Bobbin lace. So when you hear “Belgium Lace” in Nigerian markets, they are probably talking about “Bobbin lace.”

  • Chantilly lace

Chantilly lace is a kind of lace made with bobbins. It was made for the first time in France in the 1600s. Chantilly, France, was the first place where lace was made, so that’s where it got its name. Black and white are the most common colors of Chantilly lace on the market.

  • Knotted lace

Macramé, which comes from the Middle East, is used to make this kind of lace. Patterns are made on the material by spinning the macramé into a series of loops and knots. This is how knotted lace, which is becoming more popular all over the world, is made.

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Other types of lace materials include:

  • Paper lace
  • 3D lace
  • Net lace
  • Cotton lace
  • Cord lace
  • Organza lace
  • Perforate lace
  • Lace of feathers
  • Sequins lace
  • Crotchet lace
  • Lace from Switzerland

How Much is Lace Material in Nigeria

How Much is a Yard of Lace Material in Nigeria

The lace that costs the least in Nigeria is net lace, which costs N2,000 per yard.

Where to buy Cheap Lace Material in Lagos

Apy’s Couture sells lace materials that are cheap and of good quality.

You can use the Whatsapp button to place an order right away.

Uses of Lace materials

As we’ve already said, lace is a decorative material. Lace materials can be used for many things because they look nice. In this part, we will list a few of them.

  • Wedding dress OR Bridal wear

Lace is a very important part of wedding dresses. It is used to make both the dress and the veil for a wedding. Lace is very see-through, so it is usually worn over a fabric that can’t be seen through, such as satin or silk.

  • Curtains and drapes

Lace curtains and drapes might not make a room dark or private. However, they help make your home look nicer. Again, you can use an opaque underlay to get the level of privacy or darkness you want.

  • Dresses

Lace is used to making all kinds of dresses, especially traditional ones in this part of the world. Dresses like these are worn at weddings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events.

  • Lingerie

When it comes to pretty underwear, lace is a very popular material. Most of the time, other materials, especially silk, are put on top of them. But there is lingerie made of lace that is not mixed with other materials.

What is Lace?

The thread or yarn is used to make the lace fabric. One thing that makes lace materials unique is that they have patterns and open designs. Several different things are used to make these designs.

The first lace was made from a combination of linen and silk. Lace is made today from a wide range of materials, such as cotton thread and synthetic fibers. Lace is a decorative fabric that can be used to make clothes and decorate the home. Once upon a time, lace was thought of as a luxury fabric because it took a lot of time and money to make.

How Much is Sequence Lace Per Yard in Nigeria?

Sequence lace per yard costs N3,000.

How Many Yards is in a Bundle of Lace?

On average, there are 5 yards in a bundle of lace.

White Lace Materials and their Prices in Nigeria

The prices are for 5 yards of each:

  • Pure White Tissue Lace – N13,000
  • White French Lace Material – N16,000
  • Pure White Sequins Sample Lace Material/fabrics – 16,000
  • Net Lace Fabric – Yellow And White-5 Yards – 25,000
  • Quality Dry Lace Fabric – White 5yards – N30,000
  • Embroidery High Quality Cord Tulle Lace Net Lace Fabric With Stones – N60,000

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