How Much Is Hair Ventilating Machine In Nigeria? [Learn More]

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Hair ventilating machine in Nigeria costs anywhere from NGN 5,000,000 to N9,000,000.

The hair ventilating machine helps fix the hair on the doll or lace. The size of the rotomolding machine is 24 inches, 28 inches, and 32 inches for the 36-inch option, OEM/ODM is available, and standard or customized orders are welcome.

The PVC/vinyl/PLASTISOL toys, such as squeezing animals, jumping animals, fish lures, Barbie dolls, and PVC balls, are formed using rotomolding machines. In fact, anything made of PVC with a hollow interior can be produced. The product can be made soft or hard as desired by heating and rotating a loading plate to make it even.

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How Much Is Hair Ventilating Machine In Nigeria

How Much Is Ventilating Pin In Nigeria?

A Lace Wigs Making Repair Hooking Ventilating Holder Toupee or a ventilating pin for wig  is sold for N6,000 to N10,000 per unit.

Features of ventilating Pin:

  • Toolkit for beads dreadlock hair extensions for wigs
  • The gold-plated high-quality aluminum handle is more robust and long-lasting for use.
  • It has three distinct sizes (small, middle, and large) for different micro locks
  • Very simple, and you’ll start breathing more quickly.
  • Useful for creating lace wigs, toupees, closures, lace front wigs, and adding hair to bald patches or mending hairlines.

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