How Much Is Fur Material In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Fur is a sort of textile material that is manufactured from animal hairs. It is commonly used as a garment material because of its warmth and insulation capabilities.

It is frequently used in the manufacture of jackets, hats, and other items of apparel intended to give warmth in cold weather.

Faux Fur Fabric costs anywhere from N3,500 to N15,000 per yard.

Rabbits, foxes, and mink are some of the most popular animals utilized to create fur. Fur can also be created from synthetic materials that are designed to appear and feel like real fur without the use of animal hairs.

Is Fur Expensive?

Yes, fur can be extremely pricey, particularly for high-quality products. The price of fur is determined by several factors, including the species of animal used, the quality of the fur, and the demand for the item. Fur, on the other hand, is considered a luxury item and thus more expensive than many other sorts of clothing materials.

How Much Is Fur Material In Nigeria

Why is Fur so Expensive?

Fur can be costly for a variety of reasons. One reason is that producing fur is a labor-intensive procedure that necessitates expert employees to peel and prepare the animal hides. Furthermore, because the demand for fur is very modest, there isn’t a great supply of it available. This might cause fur prices to rise, especially for high-quality products.

That’s not all, some animal furs are considered luxury commodities and thus more expensive than others. Furs from certain sorts of animals, such as mink or sable, are regarded as more luxurious and thus more expensive.

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