How Much Is French Lace In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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French lace in Nigeria costs N45,000 to N150,000 per 5 yards.

French lace materials are a variety of lace designs that have their roots in France. They are primarily floral patterns and are woven from silk, cotton, rayon, and viscose. Beading, embroidery, and metallic threads are frequently used as decorations.

Since the late Modern era, French laces have been imparting an exquisite air of femininity to a woman’s appearance, earning them the highest recognition.

Today’s lace fabric is produced with the use of specialized machines as opposed to being once fashioned by hand. When it comes to dressmaking, it is a perennial favorite and is now more reasonably priced.

But there are also pricey luxury laces with distinctive designs, fine decorative accents, and a lot of handworks. Such couture lace materials are perfect for eye-catching evening wear and bridal attire.

how much is frenc lace in nigeria

Where to Buy French Lace in Lagos, Nigeria – Shop from Quality French Lace Store in Lagos

A French lace shop in Lagos called Apy’s Couture sells premium textiles that make fashion statements for contemporary women. Our line of French lace is spun from carefully chosen textiles with an eye on our customers’ preferences for premium materials and distinctive styles.

You’ll notice it is wonderful, unusual, and comfortable as soon as you touch it. It can be used to make saris, trimmings, dresses, skirts, blouses, iro and Buba, and more.

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Is French Lace Expensive?

Yes! One of the most intricate and pricey varieties of lace you can purchase is French lace. A loom that is more than 100 years old weaves together thousands of separate threads.

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