How Much Is Fabric Glue In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Fabric glue costs N2,400 to N7,000 per bottle in Nigeria.

Best Permanent Fabric Glue in Nigeria

  • Fevicryl Fabric Glue

This is the finest adhesive for rhinestones.

This worked well to glue jewels to a jacket and held it firmly in place.

I’m not yet certain if it will withstand washing or how long it will stick. But so far, its stickiness appears to be good. The adhesive starts out white before turning transparent, making it ideal for use with crystals and glass to create a shine effect.

Specialty stones are adhered to cloth using Fevicryl Fabric Glue. With this simple-to-use glue, the design will be hassle-free. first in its field. The Fabric Glue works great for attaching fabric accessories. Without using thread or a needle, it is simple to adhere items to cloth such as mirrors, beads, cords, sequins, threads, foil, seams, lace, and ribbon.

Fevicryl Fabric Glue

The Fabric Glue may improve your clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories and is simple to use. The cloth will remain stretchy and washable after washing if you use a machine. There isn’t a substitute or substitute for it. A fantastic product for those who enjoy making crafts. To make it effective, let it sit overnight.

How to Use: Apply a light layer of adhesive to the applique. Fix the applique to the material. Ten minutes are needed for the glue to dry. Lightly press the applique and fabric together for 10 seconds. Before using, give it 24 hours to dry. Only wash the fabric after seven days. Use a gentle machine wash. Iron is applied to the back for durability.

Create stunning oil paintings using the Fevicryl Fabric Glue from our online art store, along with other art tools, and take advantage of low-cost nationwide doorstep delivery across Nigeria.

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  • Hemming Gum

Sew craft material glue comes in huge 50ml tubes that are strong, quickly dry, flexible, and waterproof for fabric. They can even tolerate machine washing and ironing.

Perfect for most fabric repairs and adjustments without sewing, including hemming, turn-ups, curtains, apparel, labels, patchwork, badges, patches, soft toys, and soft furnishings.

Hemming Gum

Our waterproof fabric glue is a straightforward, speedy substitute for a needle and thread that works well for hemming and on most fabric types, including cotton, suede, leather, blended and synthetic fibers, and blended and synthetic fibers.

Also referred to as badge glue, felt glue, and upholstery adhesive.

  • B-6000 Glue (original Snip Tip Nozzle Fabric, Wood, Jewelry, Glass, Gems, Beads Adhesive, and E6000 Plus Craft Glue) (56.1ml)

The finest glue I’ve discovered for diamonds on fabric is this one. They still haven’t been removed!

I also ordered this because I seem to have amassed a small collection of damaged earrings over the years (they all have sentimental value that I can’t bring myself to throw away). Either I’ve misplaced one of the earrings or the pin component that goes in your ear has come off.

The glue worked perfectly to restore them to their former glory and glue back the pin pieces, and I used some of the single ones to attach little chain links I had ordered online to create a charm bracelet for myself.

It did require 24 hours to cure (I made the mistake of pulling at one to test if it had truly worked after a couple of hours and had to redo it), but it seems robust now and didn’t leave a huge hard gloop as superglue can.

I also utilized this to make a few repairs around the house while I was at it (A box together and a lampshade that had broken from the center ring) It was flawless, gave me value for my money, and I’m sure I’ll find more use for it!

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