What is UK Size 12 in Nigeria?

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Converting UK shoe sizes to Nigerian sizes can indeed be a bit of a puzzle, but I’ve got you covered. If you’re looking at a UK size 12, you’re likely looking at a Nigerian size 46 for men. This conversion is based on the general sizing standards used in Nigeria, which predominantly follow the UK sizing system due to historical ties with the United Kingdom.

However, it’s crucial to note that shoe sizes can vary between different brands and styles. For instance, a sneaker might fit differently than a formal shoe, even if they are both labeled as the same size. This variation can be due to differences in the design and material of the shoes.

Materials like leather, for example, might offer a bit of stretch, while synthetic materials might not.

When shopping for shoes in Nigeria, it’s a good idea to measure your foot length in centimeters, as this provides a tangible metric to convert sizes across any system.

If you’re shopping online or unable to try on the shoes before buying, it’s highly recommended to consult the brand-specific size chart to ensure the best fit.

Keep in mind that the foot can change size over time, so it’s a good idea to measure your feet every couple of years, or if you notice changes in fit.

UK Size 12 to Nigeria size 12

Remember, comfort is key when it comes to footwear, so it’s always better to try the shoes on if possible, or ensure there’s a good return policy when shopping online.


  1. Suggestion: A UK size 12 typically converts to a Nigerian size 46 for men. Reply: “Thanks! That’s exactly the information I needed for my next shoe purchase.”
  2. Suggestion: Remember that different brands and styles might fit differently, even in the same size. Reply: “Good point. I’ll keep that in mind, especially when looking at different types of shoes.”
  3. Suggestion: Measure your foot in centimeters for the most accurate size conversion. Reply: “Great tip! I’ll do that to ensure a better fit.”
  4. Suggestion: Check the brand-specific size chart when shopping online to get the best fit. Reply: “Will do. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with sizes.”
  5. Suggestion: Be aware that materials like leather can stretch, affecting how the shoe fits over time. Reply: “Interesting! I’ll consider that when choosing between leather and synthetic shoes.”
  6. Suggestion: Re-measure your shoe size every couple of years as feet can change size over time. Reply: “I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll make sure to re-measure my feet.”
  7. Suggestion: When in doubt, try shoes on in-store, or ensure a good return policy for online purchases. Reply: “That sounds sensible. Better to try them on first whenever possible.”
  8. Suggestion: Keep in mind that feet can swell in hot weather, affecting shoe fit. Reply: “That’s a useful insight. I’ll consider the weather when buying new shoes.”
  9. Suggestion: If you use orthotics or thick insoles, consider a slightly larger size. Reply: “I use orthotics, so I’ll take that advice on board. Thanks!”
  10. Suggestion: Athletic shoes may have specific sizing, so always consult the brand’s size chart
  1. Suggestion: Athletic shoes may have specific sizing, so always consult the brand’s size chart. Reply: “Useful tip for when I buy my next pair of running shoes!”
  2. Suggestion: If you’re buying shoes for a special occasion, consider the fit of formal versus casual shoes. Reply: “That’s important for my upcoming event. I’ll look into different styles.”
  3. Suggestion: Understand that shoe sizes aren’t standardized globally, so always double-check with a conversion chart. Reply: “I’ll make sure to use a conversion chart next time I’m buying imported shoes.”
  4. Suggestion: Men’s sizes in Nigeria are generally broader and larger than women’s for the same foot length. Reply: “That explains the fit issue I had with unisex models. Thanks for the info!”
  5. Suggestion: Foot shape, like having flat feet, can affect the size and type of shoe you should choose. Reply: “I have flat feet, so I’ll consider this when selecting my next pair.”
  6. Suggestion: If you find a shoe slightly large, you can adjust the fit using insoles. Reply: “Great workaround! I’ll try insoles for a better fit.”

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