UK Shoe size to Nigeria

UK Shoe size to Nigeria [7,8,10,11,12,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48]

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Shoe sizes can change between nations and regions, which can make it challenging to buy shoes from another nation. While the Paris Point method is commonly used to measure shoe sizes in Nigeria, the regular Barleycorn system is used to measure shoe sizes in the United Kingdom (UK).

2 34.5
2 35
3 35.5
3.5 36
4 37
4.5 37.5
5 38
5.5 38.5
6 39
6.5 40
7 40.5
7.5 41
8 42
8.5 42.5
9 43
9.5 44
10 44.5
11 45


The Barleycorn system is based on the length of a foot measured in barleycorns, a historical unit of measurement equal to one-third of an inch. The UK, Ireland, and a few more nations use this approach. Children’s shoe sizes in the UK typically range from size 0 to size 14, whereas women’s shoe sizes typically range from size 11 to size 14.

France, Spain, and Italy are among the nations that employ the Paris Point system, which is based on the millimeter length of the foot. In this system, shoe sizes are expressed as a two-digit number, with the first digit representing the foot’s length in millimeters and the second digit representing the foot’s breadth. Shoe sizes are measured to the closest half or whole millimeter.

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There is no straight conversion formula and some conversion charts might not always be correct for changing shoe sizes from the UK to Nigeria. It is preferable to utilize a conversion chart as a rough guide and to try on shoes to ensure a correct fit because shoe sizing might range between various brands and manufacturers.

UK Shoe size to Nigeria

It’s also crucial to remember that different shoe brands can have varying shoe sizes. To achieve a suitable fit, it is usually advisable to try the shoes on. You can also use an internet conversion chart as a reference, but you should always put the shoes on to be sure of the size.

In general, it might be difficult to convert shoe sizes from the UK to Nigeria, therefore it’s advisable to be cautious and try on shoes before buying. For assistance in determining the appropriate size, you can also speak with a shoe store employee.

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