100 LATEST Styles for Sequence/Sequin Material [2022-2023]

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Do you need styles to sew with sequence material? We’ve got you covered!

Sequin fabrics, which most Nigerians call “Sequence Materials,” are made with small pieces of shiny metal, small beads, or ornaments. The most popular backing fabrics include tulle or chiffon.

Here, you will see the latest styles for sequence materials, and sequin styles for ladies in Nigeria. Sequins are one of the most popular styles that beautiful ladies and women love to wear.

They go well with party dresses, wedding dresses, dresses for the evening or dinner, and dresses for other red carpet-events.

Because it is shiny, this fabric makes the person who wears it look flashy and elegant. Fabrics with sequins are just as pretty as fabrics with lace.

The prices of these fabrics range from high to low. Once you’ve decided that this fabric is what you want, give it to a good designer. Because of its nature, this fabric needs a lot of care, and a good designer will give you exactly what you want. Also, don’t forget to add the right accessories.

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Materials with SEQUINS are clearly popular right now.

They are great for making dresses for dinner, second wedding dresses, and dresses for wedding guests.

They are popular at almost every party or event. They are also used to make aso-ebi.

Many women like it because it sparkles and makes the person who wears it look better.

This beautiful fabric could be used to make long dresses, short dresses, pants, skirts, and even tops.

There are many beautiful colors of sequin fabric, all of which look great.

Then, the color you choose might depend on what you want or the color of the event you want to use it for.

100 Pictures of Different Styles Of Sequence Materials

Here, we have put together an amazing collection of sequins long gowns, short gowns, blazers, jumpsuits, and other styles just for our amazing followers. You know that when it comes to fashion and giving you the newest looks, we don’t take last place… We always get information for our followers from the Internet.

Yes! See pictures of the best style for sequence materials below

styles for sequence material 2022 long gown

long gown style for sequence

styles to sew with sequence material

types of sequence material

latest sequence lace styles 2022

blue sequence gown styles

styles for sequence material 2022 short gown

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Types Of Sequence Materials

It’s hard to avoid fabrics with sequins. Even when they are just rolled up in bolts on store shelves, they are so pretty and tempting to look at. How to choose the sequin material that will work best for your project? Let’s look at the different kinds that can be found online:

  • Mesh or tulle
  • Chiffon
  • No strain
  • Organza
  • Knit fabric
  • Lace
  • Wool

The shape of the sequins is another way to sort fabrics with sequins. The word “sequin” comes from the Arabic word “sikka,” which means “coin.” At first, all sequins were round and looked like coins. As a sign of wealth, women wore them on their skirts, dresses, and blouses.

You’d be surprised at how many different shapes are on the market now. Most modern sequins are made of plastic, and you can choose from dozens of different geometric shapes: circle, round, square, rectangular, flowers, stars, snowflakes, polygon, oval, etc.

Mermaid Sequin Fabric

Why do fabrics with sequins look so hot? No matter what you sew them into—a boxy top, cigarette pants, or a chic jacket—they look very modern and stylish. Designers use two kinds of sequins: all-over sequin embroidery, which can get quite heavy, and random sequins stitched on tulle, lace, silk, and other fabrics. These shiny pieces can draw attention to certain parts of the fabric or outline the whole pattern.

  • Mermaid Sequin Fabric

Depending on how they are sewn to the ground, sequins can be completely stable or easy to turn over with a hand. The second method is often used to decorate fabrics with two-toned sequins, which means that each disk has a different color on each side.

These are reversible sequin fabrics, which are also called “mermaid sequins.”

The best thing about these kinds of things is that you can write or draw on them to make your own designs. How do you make the most of it?

  • Mermaid sequin dress

This style is a total wow and makes it possible for a woman to look different every time she wears the same dress. You can change the color and design by moving your hand over it.

  • Mermaid sequin jacket

A good sequin fabric will have one side that shines and one side that doesn’t. Make a jacket or blazer to dress up your look for the evening.

  • Mermaid top with sequins

There are different cuts and lengths for these. If you don’t like sequins all over, you could put them on the sleeves, neckline, pockets, and other places where you want them to shine.

  • Mermaid pillow

Even though they aren’t exactly clothes, these pillows are fun to make and nice to touch. They definitely bring an interactive element to any interior.

Sequins or paillettes? Paillette is a French word that is used in the same way as the English word. Keep in mind that some people call larger, flat, round disks with a hole in the middle “paillettes” and cup-shaped disks “sequins.”

How to sew fabrics with sequins

Sewing with sequins isn’t the easiest thing to do. They need more care and work, but the end result is worth it. Read on to learn how to protect your sequin fabric and make sure you get exactly what you want.

  • Pick the right way to back it up.

Some fabrics tear more than others. If you choose a woven backing like taffeta, chiffon, or organza, make sure the hems and seams are well done. Also, choose sequins that are stitched instead of glued. This way, the fabric will last a lot longer and the back won’t get glue stains.

  • Take out the sequins near the seam.

This part will take time and patience, but it is the key to success. Sequins can be stiff and big, so it’s best to take them out in seam allowances. Save these decorative pieces for when your project is finished. You may need to add sequins to the “bald areas,” such as around the neck, to finish it off.

  • Pick out the nap.

Some fabrics with sequins have a nap, while others don’t. It’s important to keep the sequins in all of the pattern pieces you’re sewing together facing the same way, which is usually face down.

  • Use the right pins.

Most of the time, you need thicker gauge needles for sequin fabrics because thin needles can break. Don’t rush when you’re stitching the fabric together; take small steps.

  • Get some lining.

Line the project you’re making with sequins so that the little pieces don’t scratch your skin.

What to Make from Sequin Fabric

Sequins are a great way to decorate and can be used for many things. There are a thousand ways to use them, from evening wear and fancy dresses to bags, shoes, and home decor. Because they look flashy, these fabrics are often chosen for dancewear. If sequins are sewn onto a knit backing, you can make bodycon pieces. If they are sewn onto chiffon or organza, you should make loose, boxy shapes.

Still not sure what you want to make with sequins? Look at the list of suggestions:

Sequins can be used to make a dress or skirt, from red sequins to copy Marilyn Monroe’s famous red dress to sequins in many colors to fit any mood. Lace with flowers on it gets a high score:

Sequin jacket: For a beautiful color effect, try reversible sequins, like this silver one.

Sequence Pants: Choose the best color for your sequin pants, whether you go for a lounge-wear style or a cigarette cut:

Sequin coat: make a big statement with this trendy sequin fur:

Overlays/Cover-ups: fabric with sequins and tulle is great for this.

Apy’s Couture Collection

Some of the most expensive fabrics in the world are ones that have sequins on them. They look beautiful when they reflect light and sparkle. At Apy’s Couture, you can buy sequin fabrics online. They have a large selection and are made by the best brands in Europe. Sequins can cover the whole surface, be sewn next to each other, overlap each other, or be sewn in a complicated pattern.

Tissura sells only sequin fabrics made by well-known companies like:Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland) Forster Rohner (Switzerland) HOH (Austria). Aldo Bianchi (Italy), Riechers Marescot (France), and Sophie Hallette (France) HOH (France).

The most famous fashion houses get their fabrics from these brands, and everything about their fabrics is perfect. Click on the button below to see the whole collection of sequin fabrics. To do this, click on the “WhatsApp” button.

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