Senegalese Tailors In Lagos

Senegalese Tailors In Lagos – Where to Find Them

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In Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, Senegalese tailors are common. Many Senegalese immigrants come to Lagos to work as tailors, providing custom-made garments to a diverse clientele. These tailors frequently work out of modest workshops or kiosks, creating clothing using traditional techniques and materials.

Senegalese tailors in Lagos are well-known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They may make a variety of clothes, ranging from traditional West African apparel to current Western-style clothing. Many Senegalese tailors in Lagos also provide repair and alteration services, making them a valuable resource for anyone wishing to extend the life of their garment.

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The price of having garments made by a Senegalese tailor in Lagos varies according on the style of garment and the materials used. Traditional West African clothes, such as boubous and grand boubous, can range in price from NGN 15,000 to NGN 30,000 (about $39 to $78), although modern Western-style clothing may be more expensive.

Senegalese tailors in Lagos are often prepared to negotiate pricing with customers, so searching around for the best deal is recommended.

Senegalese Tailors In Lagos

In addition to traditional Senegalese tailors, Lagos has a plethora of modern tailoring shops that cater to a broader spectrum of consumers. These stores typically offer a larger assortment of materials and designs, as well as a broader range of services such as changes and repairs.

The cost of having clothing produced at one of these businesses will vary according to the style of garment and the materials used, but it will almost certainly be more expensive than having it made by a traditional Senegalese tailor.

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