Scuba Fabric Price In Ghana

Scuba Fabric Price In Ghana & Where to Buy!

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Scuba fabric costs anywhere from GHS 224 to GHS 400 per 6 yards.

We sell Scuba laser cut fabric available in the following colours: Peach, white, mint green, off-white

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About Scuba Company

Scuba fabric is a phrase that is widely used to describe neoprene, a form of synthetic material. The DuPont Corporation was the first to develop this fabric. This company has remained one of the world’s leading creators of new products.

DuPont also invented nylon and a variety of other items outside of the textile sector. During the 1930s, neoprene was developed as a rubber alternative.

Rubber could only be produced at the time by harvesting a certain variety of trees, and this commodity was already in limited supply as World War II began. A double-knit fabric made of poly that has been combined with Lycra or Spandex. I

t has a very smooth texture and a fine thread gauge. Scuba fabric is quite springy. Another type is Scuba Crepe, which is similar to Scuba fabric but much lighter. It has a crepe texture and is similar to Lycra.

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Where in Ghana to Buy Scuba Fabric?

Scuba materials are in stock at Apy’s Couture. There are different colors and brands with different patterns.

Apy’s Couture is an online business where you can buy wholesale and retail scuba fabric. Our scuba fabric is cheap and lasts a long time. Look at our product description for more details. You can think of any kind of scuba fabric, and we have it. Check out the price of scuba gear.

We’ve been in business for more than eight years. All over Nigeria, our customers have been getting good products and services from us. We sell a wide range of scuba gear in Nigeria at prices that are easy on the wallet. You can expect the best from us because our services are quick and reliable.

Scuba Fabric Price In Ghana

What’s Scuba Material?

Scuba fabric is a thick, stretchy fabric that has a body-con fit. Scuba is great for making bodycon dresses, skirts, bandeaus, and so on. There are many different colors and weights of scuba fabrics. The widths can also be different. The width given is the average width of all the stock. Please order samples if you are unsure.

Why you need scuba gear: 10 reasons

1. It keeps heat in.

2. It is a stretchy material for a bodycon dress.

3 It shows off your curves.

4. It works for everyone

5. It’s simple to clean and iron.

6. It’s hard and smooth

7. It can stand up to water.

9. It’s great for drape and pleat

10. It doesn’t cost much

11 things you should know about sewing with Scuba fabric

The fabric is thick. You should choose the best quality for your design.

2. It’s easy to cut scuba. A rotary cutter is a good choice.

3. You should wash scuba fabric before you sew it because it can shrink by 10%.

4. A ball-pointed needle is best for sewing so that it doesn’t catch and slip.

5. You should use scuba for structured clothes that don’t need a lining.

6. Scuba can be used to give an outfit a draped look.

7. To join the edges of the scuba fabric, use a bias fabric. This is a nice way to end it.

8. Be careful if you use an overlocker because the extra bulk of scuba fabric can make things go wrong. Hand-trimming seams are best.

9. Use a low-heat iron on the scuba to keep it from getting lines that won’t go away. The best way to iron is from the back.

10. It’s best to wash scuba fabric by hand, but you can set your washer to 30 or 40 degrees and avoid the problem with the tumble dryer.

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