Levi’s 501 vs. 505

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Diving into the Levi’s 501 vs. 505 jeans debate feels like navigating through a classic rivalry, each with its legion of fans. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing both, and I can tell you, picking a favorite is like choosing between two great flavors of ice cream; it really comes down to what suits your taste (and body type) better.

The Levi’s 501 jeans, often hailed as the quintessential denim classic, boast an original straight fit that’s snug around the seat and thigh, tapering down to a straight leg. They come with the iconic button fly, a detail that adds a vintage charm to your overall look. Over time, I’ve found that they mold to your body, becoming more comfortable with every wear. They’re perfect for those who appreciate a fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose, offering a timeless silhouette that’s hard to beat.

On the flip side, the Levi’s 505 jeans offer a more modern twist on the classic design. They present a regular fit that’s slightly more relaxed around the thigh, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a bit more room without veering into baggy territory. The zip fly on the 505s adds a touch of convenience, a feature that many might prefer for everyday wear. The fit is straight from the hip to the ankle, providing a clean line that works well with a variety of footwear.

A detailed comparison reveals that while both styles feature a straight cut below the knee, the 505 jeans are designed with a more relaxed fit through the thigh compared to the 501 jeans. The leg openings also differ slightly, with the 501s finishing with a 17-inch leg opening, and the 505s with a 16-inch leg opening. Another key difference is the fly; 501s use a button fly, whereas 505s are equipped with a zip fly​​​​.

Comfort-wise, both jeans score high marks, but the 501 might just edge out slightly after a break-in period, becoming exceptionally comfortable. The 505, while starting off comfortable, offers a bit more room, making it a solid choice for those with larger thighs or who prefer a looser fit​​.

Ultimately, the decision between the 501 and 505 jeans hinges on your personal preference for fit, comfort, and style. If you lean towards a classic, snugger fit with a button fly, the 501s are your go-to. But if you’re all about that extra thigh room and favor a zip fly, the 505s won’t disappoint.

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Both jeans are incredibly versatile, suitable for a range of occasions and easily paired with a variety of tops and shoes. Whether you’re a fan of the classic button fly and tighter fit of the 501s or prefer the modern convenience and slightly looser fit of the 505s, you’re choosing a pair of jeans that’s built to last and designed to be worn your way.

Levi’s 501 vs. 505: Helpful FAQs

  1. What’s the main difference between Levi’s 501 and 505 jeans?
    • The 505 jeans offer a more relaxed fit through the thigh compared to the 501 jeans, which are tighter. The 505s have a zip fly, while the 501s feature a button fly​​​​.
  2. Are the 501 or 505 jeans better for a relaxed fit?
    • For a relaxed fit, especially around the thighs, the 505 jeans are the better option due to their roomier design​​.
  3. Do both jeans styles suit all body types?
    • Yes, both the 501 and 505 jeans can suit various body types, but the 505 might be more comfortable for those with larger legs due to its extra room​​.
  4. Which style should I choose if I prefer a button fly?
    • Opt for the 501 jeans if you prefer a classic button fly​​.
  5. Can I wear these jeans for formal occasions?
    • Both styles are best suited for casual events or physical labor. They might not be the best choice for formal occasions​​.
  6. Are there stretch versions of the 501 and 505 jeans?
    • Yes, both styles come in stretch versions for added comfort and flexibility​​.
  7. How do I choose the right size in Levi’s 501 or 505 jeans?
    • It’s recommended to stick to your true size for a perfect fit. Both jeans are designed to fit true to size after a few wears​​.
  8. What are the leg openings like on the 501 and 505 jeans?
    • The 501 jeans have a slightly larger leg opening than the 505 jeans. The 501s are listed with a 17-inch opening, while the 505s have a 16-inch leg opening​​.
  9. Which jeans are better for wearing with boots?
    • Both styles can accommodate boots, but the 501 jeans with their slightly larger leg opening might be a better choice for fitting over larger boots​​.
  10. Are the 501 jeans considered baggy?
    • No, the 501 jeans are not considered baggy. They offer a regular fit that isn’t too loose or too tight​​.
  11. What material are the 501 and 505 jeans made from?
    • Both styles are available in 100% cotton or a stretch fabric blend for extra comfort and durability​​.
  12. Can I find eco-friendly options for these jeans?
    • Looking for vintage options is a great way to be environmentally conscious while enjoying the classic styles of 501 and 505 jeans​​.
  13. How should I care for my Levi’s jeans to make them last longer?
    • It’s advised to wash your jeans after every ten wears to maintain their shape and color. Turning them inside out before washing can also help preserve the fabric​​.
  14. Are there any similar styles to the 501 and 505 if I’m looking for something different?
    • If you find the 501 style a bit too classic, you might enjoy the Levi’s 511, which offers a slimmer fit with more elastic for easier movement​​.
  15. Where can I buy Levi’s 501 and 505 jeans?
    • You can purchase them directly from Levi’s website, as well as from various other online and physical retailers​

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