How Much Is Senator Material In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Senator material, also known as Cashmere is a must-have item for senators and men that want to make a statement. No wonder the Senator material textiles are among the most expensive in Nigeria today. These garment fabrics are extremely comfortable to wear and are acknowledged to be in a class of their own.

In addition, they come in a variety of styles and designs, which adds to their individuality and value.

A look at the country’s fashion business now reveals a trend toward cashmere textiles.

This, among other factors, prompts this study to investigate the various pricing of Cashmere senator materials in Nigeria. This will provide you with an idea of how much certain textiles cost on the market.

Cashmere senator materials range in price from N6,000 to N100,000 a yard, depending on the quality.

The following is a price list for some prominent cashmere senator materials:

  • 8,000-10,000 for Cashmere Plain Wool
  • Yellow Cashmere Plain Material — ₦14,000 – 16,000
  • High-Quality Cashmere Onions Pink Fabric — ₦15,000 – 16,000
  • Cashmere Plain Fabric — from N9,500 to N15,000
  • 4 Yards Cashmere Cashmere/senator Material — ₦6,000 – ₦10,000
  • Blue Cashmere Nice Material — ₦20,000
  • Cashmere Fabric — N10,000
  • 4yards Cashmere Army Green Plain Wool — N14,000 – N15,000

Where to Buy Senator Material in Lagos

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Types Of Senator Materials

When we refer to senator material samples, we generally mean the many sorts, classifications, grades, and specifications of this garment material. Specifically, we will demonstrate the collecting of relevant materials in words. This will eventually give you an idea of what senator materials are and how to choose them based on your preferences.

Senator fabric material is a wool clothing material used in the creation of bespoke men’s designs. This fabric is typically used for senatorial attire.

Senator materials of all kinds are best manufactured with exclusive 5 Star senator materials. Furthermore, the material materials are used by documented fashion designers with the diverse designs of those senator materials. These folks create incredibly gorgeous native clothing that captures everyone’s attention.

Furthermore, senator materials are graded as follows: 4 Star, 5 Star, and 7 Star. With these ratings, the stuff is very inexpensive and comes in a variety of cashmere styles.

Cashmere or senator materials are available in a variety of grades and classes, which include the following;

3-star senator material: This fabric has a very smooth feel to it, is light in weight and is quite pleasant to wear. It is ideal for traditional outfits. It is the cheapest senator material on the market.

4 Star senator material: This cloth is extremely smooth, light in weight, and cozy to wear. It looks great with traditional clothing and casual wear. However, it is more expensive than a 3-star senator fabric but less expensive than a 5-star senator fabric.

5 Star senator material: This fabric is incredibly soft, lightweight, and easy to wear. It is ideal for traditional clothing and formal attire too. This costs more than 4-star senator materials but is cheaper than 7-star senator materials.

and, 7 Star senator material: This is one of the highest quality senator material money can buy. Fabrics made from this yarn are soft to the touch, lightweight, and easy to wear. This fabric works wonderfully with classic garments.

There are other grades of Senator materials that are of a higher caliber. The nature of the cloth used to make these garments distinguishes them.

Senator materials, on the other hand, have the following patterns and designs:

  • Striped senator wears
  • Mix-n-Match patterned senator materials
  • And other varied patterns

Furthermore, consider how the senator’s materials appear to be. Typically, cashmere or senator materials are local clothes made from suit or fabric material, rather than a ribbon, guinea, Ankara, or Atiku textiles.

Similarly to other apparel and fashion trends, senator materials have undergone numerous little changes as a result of inclinations and how they are applied. Senator materials and wears is on the outskirts of the typical local outfit that Nigerian men wear, but it has a couple of distinguishing features: it doesn’t frequently incorporate weaving or embroidery, but rather a slender line of distinguishing which runs within the midline over the chest and downwards.

Vertical decorations that straddle the bosom region are added by some. To add a touch of class, these motifs and the buttons that go with them are occasionally gold or silver in color. Another distinguishing aspect of cashmere fabrics is that the sleeves can be long or short depending on the wearer’s preferences.

Long-sleeved shirts have a cuff with holes for cufflinks at the end of the sleeve.

How Much Is Senator Material In Nigeria

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How To Know Original Senator Materials

After learning about various materials, it’s important to grasp how to determine the standard of cashmere materials. Here are some guidelines for identifying and determining high-quality cashmere.

You may tell the higher grade wool by burning it if you want to know or recognize nice and quality textile material. What is the point of doing this? When the substance is burned, it emits the odor of burnt animal fur (wool). Aside from the scent, the higher quality cloth is more fire resistive. That means it does not catch fire as easily as poorer quality materials.

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Other methods for determining quality senator material include:

When you slide your hand or fingers through a good senator material, you should get a warm and thrilling experience.

  • By rubbing it

Typically, the mildest and most luxuriant premium cloth is Cashmere. When running you handily the fine cashmere materials, your fingertips should feel warmth and pleasant sensation in an attempt to spot them physically.

In any case, if it feels overly delicate or soft to the touch, it has most likely been treated with synthetics or over-washed by the manufacturer to create it counterfeit. This procedure of doctoring the clothing material always affects the filaments and reduces the strength and expectation of the cashmere.

However, keep in mind that cashmere softens after a while as you wear it; new cashmere should be delicate, yet hard enough to illustrate that it’s untreated and one-of-a-kind.

  • By bending and stretching  the materials

Lower-grade senator materials or cashmere will not spring back into shape after some gentle stretching. I’m the polar opposite; a well-made 2-handle 100% cashmere will keep its shape perfectly nicely.

Furthermore, as you stretch cashmere, you’ll notice how the strings are sewn together. If it’s completely free and you can see straight through it, it’s of poor quality.

  • By inspecting the fibers as well

Another way to distinguish different materials is to run your pass over the garment with a hard and moderate movement. Long, fine cashmere fibers are used to make high-quality cashmere textiles. If it’s a one-of-a-kind item, it won’t be the appropriate material.

Nonetheless, all cashmere will shed fibers after a while, but if the materials pill off, the cashmere is most likely of inferior grade.

Strings on quality senator materials are normally sewed firmly together, but if they are not and you can see through the cloth, it is not authentic.

As we all know, lesser materials are typically marketed at lower and lower prices, so this is another method of identifying inferior materials.

How Much Is Senator Material In Aba?

In Aba, senator material sells for as cheap as N1,500 but those are inferior qualities.

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Senator Material Wholesale Price

Senator material wholesale price ranges from N4,500 to N20,000 depending on the fabric type you’re buying.

A Summary of Cashmere Senator Materials

If you are hearing the term cashmere for the first time, you should be wondering what this is all about. Cashmere is a popular fabric that is frequently used for Senator attire.

Because of the popularity of the outfit, practically all senators now wear this type of material. Here are some key facts concerning cashmere textiles that you should be aware of.

You will have a better understanding of the clothing material after reading this article.

Cashmere is essentially a silky wool fabric lace made from the hair of the Cashmere, or Kashmir goat. This fabric has a silky feel to it since the fibers are so delicate to the touch and weigh so little.

Cashmere is commonly used to make clothing, such as cashmere fabric sweaters, cardigans, shawls, and skirts. The textiles can also be sewn into overcoat coats and other forms of dresses.

Cashmere wool, which is naturally lightweight, is one of the laxest forms of wool. Because of the silk nature of this apparel, one of its benefits is that it keeps the user relatively warm and cozy during cold seasons.

Cashmere fabrics’ durability and longevity are unquestionable, as the highest grade of this garment can last for many years without losing its quality. Their beauty and individuality will likewise survive the test of time.

Cashmere yarn can be laced or woven into a wide range of masses suited for a wide range of garments. The most notable feature of the fabric is how it feels – smooth, attractive, and enticing. For these reasons, it can be worn by senators. If you want to make a good senator suit, cashmere is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, cashmere fabrics should not be overlooked because they are dynamic and may be utilized to make a variety of gowns. As a result, the material is currently one of the most sought-after in the fabric world. A large number of people choose this type of clothes for senator to wear, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

How Much Is Original Senator Material?

The high quality of cashmere materials has caused it to be priced fairly well.

When it comes to garment materials, cashmere fabric materials are easily ranked among the best. Cashmere senator materials are reasonably priced, and the price is determined by the material’s specifications.

Typically, fabrics come in a variety of sorts and classifications from which you can choose. Nonetheless, these variables do not necessarily influence how much this cashmere fabric product costs on the market; rather, it is entirely dependent on the style and class of clothes.

The amount of yards in a cashmere senator material, in particular, is a crucial determinant of its price. This is also true for the majority of fabric materials, which are offered by the yard.

In terms of cashmere senator pricing, a 4-yard piece of this fabric, which is the normal number of yards for a standard cloth, might cost between N11,000 and N13,000.

This cost is always susceptible to some influencing elements, and it is determined by where you purchase the item. It should be be mentioned that some cashmere senator materials may cost less than the quoted price above, usually below par.

This inspired us to compile a general picture of cashmere senator material prices in the country.

Here is a price list for some prominent cashmere senator materials.

  • 8,000-10,000 for Cashmere Plain Wool
  • Yellow Cashmere Plain Material — ₦14,000 – ₦16,000
  • High Quality Cashmere Onions Pink Fabric — ₦15,000 – ₦16,000
  • Cashmere Plain Fabric — from N9,500 to N15,000
  • 4 Yards Cashmere Cashmere/senator Material — ₦6,000 – ₦10,000
  • Blue Cashmere Nice Material — ₦20,000
  • Cashmere Cashmere Fabric — N10,000
  • 4yards Cashmere Army Green Plain Wool — N14,000 – N15,000

This is a price list of several well-known brands of cashmere senator materials in Nigeria. This will give you an idea of the exact cost of garment materials on the market.

The Advantages of Cashmere Senator Materials

There is no doubt that cashmere fibers are among the most sought-after fabrics in today’s fashion. With such strong support, what is the rationale for this? Typically, the fabric is used to manufacture local clothing in this part of the world, and there are several advantages to this material that you will undoubtedly like.

The following are some of the appealing characteristics of cashmere senator materials:

  • Durability despite its little weight
  • Classification and various attractive types
  • Silky texture,
  • high quality, and affordability are just a few of the features that make this material ideal for the senator.


Cashmere fibers are among the most expensive fabrics available today. While some have accepted this, others continue to wonder why they are so pricey. Nonetheless, it is a high-end price because the product is incredibly sturdy and suited for senator wear as well as different fashion trends.

Despite the fact that the senator style has gained widespread recognition in Nigeria, the local outfit does have a history in the apparel sector. The dress, which is thought to have originated in the country’s South Eastern and Niger Delta regions, has become common wear throughout the country.

What distinguishes it is that, although being a casual style, it is frequently fashioned using fabrics and materials intended for formal styles, such as jackets and coats. Because of its widespread use by the country’s political elites, the outfit has earned the moniker “Senator.” This explains why the design, which has now become extremely popular, was given the popular term “senator.”

Finally, to get the most out of senator materials, wear matching accessories and accents when wearing this garment. This is frequently crucial because the senator’s style isn’t finished and entirely complete without certain adornments. The most eye-catching frill is a coordinated and matching color top or cap.

Furthermore, it is as long as you have the appropriate pair of shoes, wristwatch, ring, and staff. This demonstrates the sweetness of the garment.

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