price of hoh lace in nigeria

How Much Is HOH Lace In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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There is a significant embrace for the most chattily laced 2019 version, which costs over 750 thousand nairas in comparison to the ordinary HOH, whose 2019 edition is offered for over 450 thousand nairas.

The greatest way to characterize “HOH,” one of the most popular Lace materials worn by wealthy Nigerian celebrity women, is luxury and class.

Although this fabric isn’t exactly a newcomer to the Nigerian fashion scene, the rate at which even young, famous people with money are lusting after it will make you want to stock up on HOH collections.

You might wonder why they would choose to spend 750k on chattily HOH lace rather of the standard 450k HOH value.

price of hoh lace in nigeria

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Well, that’s the reason so many wealthy celebrities are wearing this new chattily Hoh lace.

is that it distinguishes them from the typical HOH crowd. It elevates them. It distinguishes them. These types of women have money bulging in their bank accounts, as anyone who sees them at parties flashing their chattily “HOH” lace would easily be able to tell.

HOH is worn by the wealthy to demonstrate class. People who are aware of the price at which HOH is sold will respect you more if they see you wearing lace that costs close to a million naira.

Rich people also favor HOH lace because it is a classic accessory. While not exclusive to you, one HOH is similar to possessing over ten other A-list brands. HOH lace has incredibly distinct colors. HOH exhibits grace and class. You must walk like a queen when wearing it.

Sometimes they don’t have the typical colors you find elsewhere. Their use of color is wonderful. How about the standard? Nothing can be exchanged for it. A premium luxury brand is HOH. HOH is a brand of lace as well. HOH Lace does not offer the imitation that is typical of other lacy collections.

Legendary Austrian manufacturer of dress materials for special events is HOH Hoferhecht Stickereien. High-end linen, lace, tulle, and sequined silk are also made there. Innovative technologies and exclusive designs are the very souls of the European fabric provider.

Guipure lace, appliquéd organza degrade, embroidered tulle, designer silk duchess, and a lovely selection of sequined fabrics, including tulle, chiffon, lace, jacquard, wool, and trimmings, are all featured in their luxurious collection.

how much is hoh lace in nigeria

How can you distinguish between Chantilly HOH lace and normal HOH lace?

It is a luxurious lace with a floral pattern that is typically highlighted in silk threads on a background of net. The French city of Chantilly is where the lace got its name. This style of lace has stood the test of time.

You can wear it as traditional Iro and Buba, but it also works well for wedding fashion and light evening gowns because it is either sheer or semi-sheer and has scalloped edges.

Insights into and history of prices for lace HOH NET LACE – YELLOW

Within the last 38 months, Jumia had the best deal on Lace HOH NET LACE – YELLOW in Nigeria at 510,000 NGN.

Within the previous 38 months, Jumia in Nigeria had the Lace HOH NET LACE – YELLOW for sale at a price as high as 520,000 NGN.

Within the last 38 months, there has been a 10,000 NGN price variation between the lowest and highest price for Lace HOH NET LACE – YELLOW in Nigeria on Jumia.

Within the last 38 months, Jumia has sold Lace HOH NET LACE – YELLOW for an average price of 515,000 NGN in Nigeria.

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