How Much Is Frontal Wig In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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The price of a lace frontal wig starts at 22.000 Naira for black color. The colored lace frontal sells anywhere from 26.000 naira to N100,000.

Frontals have become one of the most popular hair items since they were first sold as hair extensions. In Nigeria, women often use a frontal with several bundles to make a frontal sew-in or a frontal wig. If you want to know how much frontal is in Nigerian naira, this blog post will tell you.

But before we figure out how much does frontal costs in Nigeria? , let’s look at the different kinds. The reason for this is that the price of frontal changes depending on what kind you buy.

Depending on the type of base, there are different types of frontals.

In this post, we’ll divide frontals by the type of base and the size of the lace base.

Just like there are two kinds of closures, there are two kinds of bases for frontals: lace bases and silk bases. But frontals with a lace base are much more popular than those with a silk base. Lace frontals are made to look like your own head. Silk base frontals don’t look as natural and need to be changed and customized to look more natural and realistic.

There are two kinds of frontals, based on the base: silk base and lace base.

The dividing line is also harder to hide with a silk base frontal. Because of this, it may be harder to do hairstyles like ponytails and buns without making them look unnatural. Silk base frontals are often too light for the skin tone, so many women, especially women of color, choose lace frontals instead.

One of the most popular hair items is a lace frontal. People use it to sew in hair bundles and extensions the old-fashioned way. Most women like this method because it looks most like their natural hairline and less like a wig or hair weave. A lot of frontals are made with baby hairs to make them look more natural.

How Much is T Frontal Wig in Nigeria

Different kinds of Frontals Based on How Big the Lace is

There are different sizes of lace frontals, but the most common one on the market is the 134 lace frontal. There are different sizes of lace frontals besides 134 lace frontals, such as 132 lace frontals, 136 lace frontals, etc.

All of these lace frontals go from one ear to the other. The width of the lace base is the difference between these sizes.

For example, a 132 lace frontal is 13 inches from ear to ear and 2 inches from the hairline back. With a 13×6, the lace covers more hair in the back.

Apy’s Couture comes in three main sizes: 13×2, 13×4, and 13×6.

How Much Is Frontal Wig In Nigeria

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How Much is T Frontal Wig in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the cost of frontals and frontal wigs depends on what kind of frontal you buy. The price goes up as you buy a bigger size. The price of lace frontals also depends on the length, color, and texture of the hairpiece.

If you have a frontal sew-in done at a hair salon, it will cost more than if you bought a frontal and bundles and did it yourself. So, how much naira is frontal worth?

The price of a black lace frontal at Apy’s Couture starts at 22,000 Naira. The price of the colored lace frontal starts at 26,000 nairas.

If you want to know how much frontal is in Naira, just send the Apy’s Couture sales team a message on WhatsApp. We’ll send you a list of the most recent prices for lace frontals in both dollars and naira.

Apy’s Couture says that its prices are the best on the market. As the biggest hair manufacturer in Vietnam, we can make sure that our human hair extensions go straight from our factory to the customers.

So, you can get a better deal, especially if you buy a lot. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us and let us know what you need. You can always make a big deal whether you buy our hair for yourself or for your business.

How Much Is Frontal In Jumia?

Frontal on Jumia costs N25,000-N70,000.

How Much Is Frontal In Lagos?

In Lagos, Frontal costs anywhere from N25,000-N70,000.

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