How Much Is Dull Face Material Per Yard?, Styles & Where to Buy!

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The cost of dull face material in Nigeria ranges from 1,500 NGN to 2,000 NGN per yard.

It comes in satin, dull face, and mirror face, among other finishes.

The cost per yard for satin dull faces is 1500. A yard of mirror face costs 2,000 NGN, while a yard of dull face costs 2,000 NGN.

Dresses, undergarments, lining, and other items are made from dull face material. It is a versatile cloth that is used to make stunning designs. These textiles come in a variety of hues and textures. For the best deal, get in touch with us. The dull face material style and the dull face material top styles will be discussed.

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Latest Dull Face Material Style for Ladies

Where to Buy Dull Face Material Style

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Colors of Dull Face Materials

Dull Face Material is an excellent fabric-making material since it is very soft. Its extremely smooth surface makes it ideal for adding a high gloss look to clothing.

It is available in different colors including white, green, blue, green, red, etc.


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