How Much Is Corduroy Fabric In Nigeria

How Much Is Corduroy Fabric In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Corduroy Fabric is sold anywhere from N2,000-N8,000 per yard.

Where to buy Corduroy Fabric?

We can supply you with corduroy fabric.

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Many fabric stores and internet vendors sell corduroy fabric. Prices vary according to the type and quality of corduroy, as well as the quantity purchased.

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How Much Is Corduroy Fabric In Nigeria

Is Corduroy Expensive?

Corduroy is not considered a costly fabric in general, although it can be slightly more expensive than other types of fabrics due to its particular texture and durability.

Corduroy fabric can be found at your local fabric store, internet sellers such as Amazon or, and specialized fabric stores that specialize in providing a wide variety of fabrics for various applications.

What is Corduroy Fabric?

Corduroy is a type of fabric that is made up of a series of vertical ribs, called “wales,” that are created by using extra threads that are woven into the fabric. The wales are typically thick and have a soft, plush texture, which makes corduroy a very comfortable and warm material.

Corduroy is a type of cloth distinguished by its characteristic ribbed texture. The ribs, or “wales,” run vertically across the cloth, giving it a distinct look and a slightly elevated surface.

Corduroy is made of cotton, a natural textile that is soft, breathable, and long-lasting. This makes it a popular fabric for a wide range of garment pieces, including pants, coats, and skirts. Corduroy is also often used for furniture upholstery because its texture gives chairs and sofas a nice, fluffy feel.

Corduroy’s durability is one of its primary advantages. The fabric’s ribs are resistant to wear and tear, so corduroy clothing and furniture can last for many years with careful care. Furthermore, because corduroy is a heavy fabric, it can give warmth and insulation in inclement times.

Another advantage of corduroy is its adaptability. The fabric comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to coordinate with other clothing and accessories. It is also simple to maintain because it can be machine washed and dried without losing shape or texture.

Despite its many benefits, corduroy has certain disadvantages. For one thing, because it is a relatively thick fabric, it can be quite heavy and may not be suited for hot weather. It is also more expensive than other materials, such as cotton or polyester, which may limit its appeal to some buyers.

Corduroy is a popular and versatile fabric that is well-known for its toughness and soft texture. While it may not be appropriate in every setting, it is an excellent choice for many clothes and home decor items.

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