How Much is Atiku Material in Nigeria

How Much is Atiku Material in Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Atiku material is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with men in Northern Nigeria. It was largely used by wealthy Northern Nigerian males, notably ex-Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

This material is being worn by men and women throughout Nigeria and beyond.

Atiku fabric is used to manufacture wedding gowns, birthday dresses, anniversaries, and other special occasion garments.

How much does Atiku material in Nigeria? The price of Atiku material in Nigeria ranges from N9,000 to N100,000 per 5 yards.

Where to Buy Atiku Material in Lagos

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Prices of Atiku Material in Nigeria

As previously stated, Atiku material is associated with wealthy individuals. As a result, most people believe the material is incredibly pricey. Firstly, there are different grades of Atiku materials on the market.

These various grades are priced differently, so you can always find one that you can afford. We surveyed the market on your behalf and have listed the most common Atiku materials in Nigeria, along with their prices, below:

  • Atiku Material (white cotton fabric): N9,000 – N11,000Atiku Material Soft Voile (off white): N27,000 – N35,000
  • Voile Atiku Fabric for Men’s Senator (4 yards): N15,000 – N30,000
  • Atiku Fabric Pinche (5 yards): N13,000 – N20,000
  • Atiku Fabric (Grey): N25,000 – N30,000
  • Atiku Fabric Exotic Black (5 yards): N13,000 – N19,000
  • Fashion Front Voile Atiku Fabric Checked Senator Material Multicoloured (4 yards): N10,000 – N13,000
  • Voile Atiku Fabric (5 yards): N35,000 – N38,000
  • Chocolate Brown and Cream Atiku Voile Fabric (5 yards): N38,000 – N45,000
  • Swiss Voile Embroideries Atiku Black (5 yards): N35,000 – N55,000
  • Fashion Front Swiss Voile Atiku Olive Green (5 yards): N45,000 – N60,000

Prices for these items may fluctuate owing to a variety of factors such as INFLATION,  government policies, geography, and vendor. If there are any pricing changes, we will update this price list. Meanwhile, let’s discover more about Atiku materials.

Price of Atiku Material in Lagos

The price of Atiku material in Lagos ranges from N9,000 to N100,000 per 5 yards.

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Different Types of Atiku Fabric

There are numerous fabrics that can be classified as Atiku materials. We’ll look at the most frequent of these fabrics in this region of the world in this section.

  • Voile Atiku Fabric

The most expensive fabric used in the production of Atiku materials is voile. As you can see from the list above, the majority of them cost between N27, 000 and N34,000 for only 4 or 5 yards. This is quite expensive and may appear unfavorable to the average person’s wallet.

Because they can afford it, the wealthy appear to buy more of this material. Why shouldn’t they when it’s stylish, comfy, and has excellent insulating properties? The Voile Atiku fabric is mostly used for clothing used at weddings, birthdays, and political gatherings.

  • Cotton Atiku Fabric

While cotton Atiku fabric is considered pricey, it is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among the middle class. Cotton Atiku material has several advantages. Cotton is without a doubt one of the most popular natural materials in the world. Even if the common man may disagree, the fact that it is so popular makes it fairly affordable.

Cotton Atiku materials are breathable and simple to maintain. They also don’t stink, and you can wash them with either a washing machine or your hands. This cloth is ideal for sewing a variety of styles, including combining it with other colors of material.

The reason for this is that cotton fabrics rarely bleed into other fabrics when washed together. Cotton Atiku materials can also be used for weddings and other special occasions. Many people prefer that the bride and groom wear Voile Atiku fabric, while their family wears cotton Atiku fabric if they are not too wealthy.

  • Nylon Atiku Fabric

Nylon Atiku fabric is significantly less expensive than the two textiles listed above. You will notice that guests frequently wear these cloth. It is more prevalent among the middle and lower echelons of society. This is not to say that the Nylon Atiku fabric is of poor quality. It is, however, not as fashionable as the two textiles covered before in this essay.

Wearing nylon Atiku fabric presents a few issues. One of them is that it produces a lot of noise when you walk about while wearing it. Everyone in the vicinity will be aware of your presence due to the sound of your garments. Second, this material is not heat resistant.

Because you are certain to sweat a lot when wearing this cloth, we recommend that you only wear it in settings with air conditioning or appropriate ventilation. As a result, we recommend that celebrants avoid wearing this cloth; however, it is ideal for guests.

  • Polyester Atiku Fabric

Polyester Atiku fabric doesn’t have much to say. It is the least expensive of the materials on our list. This material isn’t horrible, but it doesn’t offer as many benefits as the other materials mentioned above. It, for example, does not tolerate heat well, is unpleasant, and is prone to bleeding during washing.

How Much is Atiku Material in Nigeria

Material Care Instructions for Atiku

Here are some pointers to help you care for your Atiku materials:

  • Choose the appropriate detergent and wash it at the appropriate water temperature. You should wash your Atiku materials in lukewarm or cold water.
  • If you’re washing your garments by hand, only scrub the stained or dirty areas. When selecting a detergent to wash the materials, seek for a gentle detergent, especially if the fabric is colored.
  • Dry the materials thoroughly. When you’re finished washing your Atiku items, hang them to dry. You can even suspend them from ropes. Twisting or wringing them will damage the rich colors of the textiles. This causes the materials to fade quickly.
  • Iron the garments at the appropriate temperature. You must know what temperature is ideal for the material you are ironing. The quantity of heat required for Voile Atiku material differs from that required for Cotton Atiku material.

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