How Much Is Acrylic Paint In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Painting walls is enjoyable, especially when using the proper supplies. There are various types of paint used in houses and offices. Acrylic paint is one such sort of paint. Because of its exceptional characteristics, this paint is ideal for both interior and exterior painting.

Acrylic Paint costs anywhere from ₦ 14,215 to ₦ 68,222.

Acrylic paint, which can be water-based or chemical-based, is becoming increasingly popular due to its low hazard. What is the price of acrylic paint in Nigeria? This page will provide an answer to this query as well as other important information concerning acrylic paint.

Where To Buy Acrylic Paint In Lagos?

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Acrylic Paint Prices in Nigeria

Choosing the correct type of paint for your projects is critical to their success. You shouldn’t just grab a gallon of paint and start smearing it all over the place. Your first task is to determine the sort of paint required for the project. Acrylic paint is one type of paint that is gaining popularity.

What is the price of acrylic paint in Nigeria? Market research is the only approach to finding out the answer to this issue. We understand how stressful this activity is, therefore we completed the task on your behalf. Check out the table below for the most recent acrylic paint prices in Nigeria:

  • Acrylic Polyurethane Aluminum (1 Liter): From N12,761
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Black (1 Liter): From N10,607
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Grey/Dark Grey (1 Liter): From N12,153
  • Acrylic Polyurethane White (1 Liter): From N13,503
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Yellow & Other Deep Colors (1 Liter): From N15,227

We will continue to update the pricing because the prices of these things fluctuate rather regularly. Also, keep in mind that price changes are probably based on who you buy from and where you live.

How Much Is Acrylic Paint In Nigeria

Acrylic Paint Explanation

Now that you know the most recent acrylic paint costs in Nigeria, let us define acrylic paint. This is a fast-drying paint with pigments suspended in acrylic defoamers and emulsion, silicone oils, plasticizers, stabilizers, or metal soaps.

Acrylic paints are mainly water-based, however, the finishes range from dry to water-resistant. Acrylic paint can be made to look like gouache, oil paint, or watercolor by diluting it with water. Acrylic mediums, gels, or pastes can be used instead of water.

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What Happens When Acrylic Paint Is Used on Walls?

People are increasingly using acrylic paints instead of traditional latex-based paints. Why should you switch to acrylic paint is a question that requires a response. The best way to answer this question is to investigate what happens when acrylic paint is applied to walls.

The surface of acrylic paints is permeable. This surface lets water evaporate without making the surface lose its ability to stick. These paints are fortified with chemical additives that make them dry rapidly when applied on walls. Additionally, the chemical additions make the paints water-resistant.

Acrylic paints dry quickly, but adding mediums can lengthen the time it takes for them to dry. The difficulty is that oil-based paints and acrylic paints don’t mix well together. As a result, you must first scratch off the oil paint before applying acrylic paint to a wall that was previously painted with it.

The ability of acrylic paint to withstand the sun is its main selling advantage. This kind of paint is excellent for outdoor use because it is very resistant to UV rays.

Benefits of Acrylic Painting

Are you still not persuaded by acrylic paints? The following are some benefits of utilizing this kind of paint on your walls:

  • Dual Function

The challenge selecting the ideal paint color for your walls can be quite difficult. The situation where you finally find the ideal shade but the paint isn’t appropriate for your project is more frustrating.

Working with acrylic paints is a simple approach to avoid this kind of shame and stress. These paints are ideal for work both inside and outside.

  • Drying period

You will have difficulties using oil-based paints because of how long it takes for them to dry. This suggests that completing urgent projects will provide challenges for you. Less time is needed for acrylic paints to dry.

They dry quicker than the majority of commercial paints. This will enable you to finish your painting projects twice as quickly.

  • Durability

Unlike other paints, acrylic paints don’t crack or flake as easily. In order to prevent easy damage, they are also UV-resistant. Acrylic paint is still the greatest option if you’re seeking paint that will endure over time.

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