How Much Does Wig Cost In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Depending on the desired length and material build, wig price in Nigeria ranges from NGN 3,000 to 200,000 NGN.

The majority of women want to acquire the popular straight weave, commonly known as “bone straight.” Given that these weaves have already captured the hearts of countless slay queens, this is the most in-depth essay on the types of wigs and their prices in Nigeria. Due to their brightness and straightness, some weaves resemble naturally straight hair in an incredibly close way.

However, there is a significant distinction between naturally straight hair and weave which is bone straight. Because they don’t know which hair weave is a bone straight wig, many individuals online become perplexed by the various weaves. This article will tell you all the facts and characteristics pertaining to bone straight hair and various varieties of weave wigs.

In certain instances, the bone straight wig appears sparse rather than full. Comparatively speaking to other weave styles, these wigs are slim and elegant. Women who have worn bone-straight wigs claim that tightly bunched hair creates a sophisticated and attractive image.

How Much Does Wig Cost In Nigeria

Types of Wigs and their Prices in Nigeria

  • Comfy Long Straight Wig Hair for Women

Comfy long straight wig hair for women

This hair wig is comfortable for most individuals and can be worn every day or to parties. It is also the nicest present you can give a loved one. These hair wigs can also help you alter your appearance and showcase your unique personality. Choose from a variety of distinctive products, and experience the safe and simple online shopping, delivery, guaranteed goods, and affordable prices.

The material is made of synthetic fiber, and the length is quite long.

Price: ₦ 4,499

  • Braided Wig With Closure Made in Ghana

Braided Wig With Closure Made in Ghana

The ghana weaving portion of this braided wig is finished with lace wig closure, which gives it a realistic appearance and prevents it from being recognized as a wig at all. Additionally, the hair wigs are gorgeous and distinctive due to their diverse styling. They have a small length and are pointedly curved inward.

It is made of high-quality materials and is nicely braided. It is enduring and washable. It is also attractive to the eye.

Price: ₦ 16,500

  • Natural-colored Kinky Water Curly Wig With Closure

Natural-colored Kinky Water Curly Wig With Closure

Professionally crafted, the Kinky water wave wig doesn’t tangle or shed. The wig is also one of Nigeria’s strongest hair wigs. It is simple to maintain with water or water-based serum. The nice product is also uncommon and suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The best product for both women and slay mamas is this one.

It doesn’t tangle or shed. It lasts longer and is water-friendly. The cost is reasonable.

Price: ₦ 9,999

  • Black Ladies Wigs from Huameisi measuring 25 inches Long and Straight

Black Ladies Wigs from Huameisi measuring 25 inches long and straight

High-quality synthetic hair and a fake scalp are used to create the rose inner mesh. It is permeable and doesn’t perspire. With this simple-to-wear straight wig, you may easily achieve a trendy hairdo look and feel. It is also among the least expensive hair wigs available in Nigeria.

It has a long 65cm (25inch) length and is simple to wear. It is artificial hair that looks good on African women.

Price: ₦ 3,480

  • Six Bundles For Full Hair With Silky And Soft Straight Hair

Six Bundles For Full Hair With Silky And Soft Straight Hair

The gorgeous and glistening hair makes this wig one of the best in Nigeria. In addition to being sturdy, the wig won’t tangle in any weather. On their own, the hair is silky and full, giving you a gorgeous appearance.

The texture of this soft and silky straight hair is lovely. It is made of the natural fiber of the highest quality.

Price: ₦ 3,320

  • Jerry Curl Natural Short Hair Wig, Natural Color.

Jerry Curl Natural Short Hair Wig, Natural Color

These short, curly, and full ladies’ hair wigs are fashionable hairpieces. For your busy lives, they are already styled and prepared to go.

You can transform that look from uninteresting to va-va-voom by adding a subtle tweak. Nobody will recognize it as not being your hair. Even with long hair, you may look fantastic with short hair. You can’t stop at one because it’s so good. A refined woman must possess it.

With no tangles, you may change your look with a comb or your hand. Its dual qualities of luster and volume appeal to me.

Price: ₦ 5,380



A high-quality straight hair blend is used to create this hair with closure. It doesn’t shed or tangle. The hair is really simple to manage and has a fine texture.

The wig’s durability is one of its most distinctive qualities. It can be used for many years. Given that this is a popular pick, I know you won’t want to miss it. In reality, wearing hair wigs in Nigeria is one of the simplest things to do.

It is easy to maintain, tangle-free, and shed-free.

Price: ₦ 3,999

  • Slay Wig With Center Closure

Slay Wig With Center Closure

By any fashion criteria, this party slays wig is simply stunning. Its blend of gold and black colors and high-quality fibers make it the ideal accessory for today’s fashion.

These hair wigs are among the greatest since they are the fullest and prettiest. Additionally, these wigs don’t tangle and are built to last in all types of weather. The wig’s naturally silky and thick hair gives you a gorgeous appearance. This wig also stands out thanks to its smooth, natural feel.

It is smooth, silky, and lustrous and offers excellent value for the money.

Price: ₦ 4,998

  • Elegant Ombre Wig With Center Closure

Elegant Ombre Wig With Center Closure

We created the Classy Ombre Bob Wig With Center Closure for you since we knew you’d adore a stylish wig that perfectly satisfies all of today’s fashion requirements. It was created by a professional using high-quality fibers in fashionable black and gold tones. One of the top hair wigs in Nigeria is this one.

This is an excellent value given its complete lack of adhesive. The middle section closing is fantastic. It has a classy feel and is soft and silky.

Price: ₦ 3,999

  • Natural-colored Bouncy Curly Closure Wig

Natural-colored Bouncy Curly Closure Wig

This wig has a wonderful curly cut and delicate natural fibers. These wigs are shiny and deliciously smooth without tangling or shedding, which is a hassle.

It is the most popular choice among consumers, a high-quality product that won’t break the bank, a standout product with a unique design, a wig that anybody would be pleased to call their own, and compatibility with all skin tones, which makes it a must-have.

This wig is simple to care for, lasts longer, and doesn’t tangle or shed.

Price: ₦ 9,900

  • New! Soft Curly Hair with Fringes – Wig-1b

Soft Curly Hair with Fringes

This is the best selection of silky-textured, 100% Premium Luscious Soft Hair available for purchase at a cost that is easy on your wallet. These hair wigs can be worn straight or curled, depending on your preferred style. It is simple to style and provides you a distinctive and striking appearance.

It encourages the usage of shampoo, conditioner, and hair lotion.

Price: ₦ 8,999

  • Waterwave Curly Wig With Partial Closure

Waterwave Curly Wig With Partial Closure

The water wave style is present in this lace-front wig. It is the most popular wig because it is easy to style, comfortable to wear, unique, hard to find, the best, and made from a premium straight hair blend that doesn’t tangle, shed, or have a coarse texture.

This wig made from Nigerian hair is soft, slick, and tangle-free.

Price: ₦ 10,000

  • Wig With Closure Made of Ghanaian Watermelon Weaving. Color: Gold

Wig With Closure Made of Ghanaian Watermelon Weaving

Wigs with braided hair are uniquely made with skill. They will serve you well for a very long time because of the sturdy materials employed in their creation. The wig is totally handmade, and each individual part is unique. Since the wig has a sheer lace front, it is hard to tell that it is a wig. No glue is necessary.

The same hat fits heads of all sizes. It saves both time and money. Without bringing too much attention to the fact that it is a wig, a wig with a translucent lace fastening can be worn to any formal or informal event.

This complete, washable, and durable Ghana weaving braid is simple to style.

Price: ₦ 14,915

  • Black color All Back Ghana Weaving Wig

Black color All Back Ghana Weaving Wig

In terms of fashion, braided hair wigs are currently hot. With this cleverly designed wig hat, you’ll seem chic, alluring, and hot. These box braids are medium in size, still pretty full, and not overly heavy, making them ideal for any situation.

Excellent when you don’t want to run the risk of weaving damaging your hair too much. It is adaptable and may be styled in many attractive ways. Put it in your hair collection. No one will notice if they wear a wig.

This wig can be neatly done and is simple to maintain.

Price: ₦ 16,625

  • Full Fringe Bob Wig—Pink

Full Fringe Bob Wig

The most current and stylish solution for chicks and ladies with tasteful looks is the bob wig. It is offered in a range of beautiful and alluring colors. This fiber is of great quality despite its exorbitant price.

This wig is incredibly adaptable and can be used with any outfit for any occasion. It fits wonderfully well and is quite simple to use and maintain. In the world of women’s hairstyles, the bob wig is the most recent fashion development.

Price: ₦ 15,675

  • Ghanaian One-Corner Weaving

Ghanaian One-Corner Weaving

One-Corner Ghana Weaving is durable and resistant to tearing; it was made to match every outfit or occasion. One of the most well-liked hair wigs in Nigeria is this one.

Price: ₦ 26,600

  • Fluffy Yaki Wig

Fluffy Yaki Wig

This wig is great for giving the appearance of thick, long hair. These Yaki Coco hair wigs can make you seem adorable. Additionally, this wig comes in a variety of hues, and its exorbitant cost is justified by the fact that it is constructed with high-quality kanekolon hair. Grab it as soon as you can.

Price: ₦ 8,075

  • Ghana Weaving Wig with Center Parting of Rice and Beans

Ghana Weaving Wig with Center Parting of Rice and Beans

African Weaving Color 1: Rice and Beans All Back was created to match any outfit or occasion, and because of its high level of toughness, it is long-lasting. One of the top hair wigs in Nigeria is this one. JAMB Score

Price: ₦ 15,390

  • Jerry Natural Short Curly Wig

Jerry Natural Short Curly Wig

Glossy, short, and voluminous ladies’ Afro Hair Wig is a well-known hair accessory with curly hair. It is the perfect hairdo for our busy schedule because it has already been pre-styled and is ready to wear. A subtle change to your hairdo can instantly take your appearance from unremarkable to impressive. It won’t be obvious to anyone that it isn’t really your hair.

Price: ₦ 7,125

  • Lace-front Short Kinky Curly Hair Wig

Lace-front Short Kinky Curly Hair Wig

It is a good hair wig with a full 4*4 lace closure, it is a distinctive wig, it is very soft and lustrous, it is made with a quality hair blend, it is not premium hair, it is a quality hair wig, it doesn’t tangle and it doesn’t shed, it lasts longer it can be used for ages, it has a natural look, it has waves that don’t rough, and its closure is a quality one that it

Price: ₦ 4,990

  • Bone Straight Hair

Bone Straight Hair

Hair that is bone straight feels incredibly flat and cannot be curled. These wigs are straight, thus despite attempts to the contrary, they cannot be curled. Furthermore, you are not required to style them. Bone straight hair is not the best choice if you want to utilize bending rollers or tonging appliances on the weave.

Price: ₦ 70,000 to Price: ₦ 200,000

How Can I Tell If My Hair Is Bone Straight?

Hair that is bone straight feels incredibly flat and cannot be curled. These wigs are straight, thus despite attempts to the contrary, they cannot be curled. Furthermore, you are not required to style them. Bone straight hair is not the best choice if you want to utilize bending rollers or tonging appliances on the weave.

Even if you try to curl hair that is bone straight, it will fall flat once the curler is taken out. The hair strands are perfectly flat from top to bottom, further defining the bone-straight hair. Bone straight wig feels smooth in contrast to thick, wavy hair. So ladies, learn about all the attributes that make for a stylish appearance before you search up the price of a bone straight wig in Nigeria.

How Should I Care For My Bone Straight Wig?

Because this wig is stress-free, maintaining bone-straight hair won’t be challenging for you. But you shouldn’t experiment with different looks or curl your hair. If you don’t want to ruin the quality and sheen of this hair type, avoid styling it.

To obtain a fresh appearance with bone-straight hair without inflicting any harm, speak with a qualified hairstylist. These hairdressers have a wealth of knowledge and may offer insightful counsel. Use hair accessories and light makeup if you want a feminine and natural appearance.

If girls just utilize these wigs, they won’t regret putting bone-straight hair in their closets. This type of straight weave is frequently referred to as “stress-free hair” because you don’t need to style it. Using these wigs to brush and comb your hair won’t result in hair strands falling out.

Types Of Bone Straight Hair

1 – Single Drawn

Multiple hair lengths are integrated into the extensions made from single-drawn hair. As a result, the hair will appear thick at the top and thin at the very end. Single drew wigs cost less than other bone-straight hair varieties. The cost of this bone straight wig in Nigeria ranges from 9,000 to 20,000 NGN, depending on the desired length.

2 – Double Drawn

The length of a double-drawn bone straight wig is typically constant. These wigs are thick and full all the way around. Due to this feature, double-drawn wigs are also more expensive than single-drawn varieties. As a result, depending on hair length, the cost of these bone-straight wigs in Nigeria ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 NGN.

3 – Super Double Drawn

When compared to other varieties of bone straight hair, super double drawn is the thickest. 90% of hair strands will be the same length. Super double-drawn hairstyles on girls make them look incredibly stunning. Additionally, this particular weave has a nice density that gives the appearance of natural hair.

Super double-drawn hair, in contrast to other bone-straight hair kinds, looks nicer and more opulent. In Nigeria, the cost of this elegant kind of bone straight wig ranges from 40,000 to 60,000 NGN.

Prices Of Bone Straight Hair In Nigeria

Bone straight wigs would cost between N70,000 and N 200,000. Depending on the style, length, and gram of wig you desire, the price may even go up.

Purchasing bone-straight hair is regarded as an investment that can raise the likelihood that people will take notice of the appearance and reputation. People who prefer human hair can purchase this type of wig. All you have to do is learn how to maintain human hair wigs.

Vietnamese Bone Straight Wig Price Determining Factors

1 – Material Of Hair

The cost of the bone straight wig will depend on the type of fabric and material used to make it. Human hair, synthetic materials, and silk can all be found in wigs.

Silk and synthetic fibers can be acquired for less money than a human hair. Because they are more enduring and realistic-looking than synthetic fibers, human hair is more expensive.

Consider purchasing wigs made of nylon fibers if your budget is tight. The cost of nylon fibers is significantly less than that of Korean or Japanese silk-made weaves.

2 – Hair Textures

The cost of weaves is additionally influenced by hairstyle and texture. Short hair often uses a lot less energy than lengthy hair. As a result, short-bone straight wigs are more affordable. Additionally, because to its nature, shaping and curling these wigs is not advised.

3 – Hair Durability

Obviously, cheap products won’t meet your expectations for quality and durability. Because the greatest tools are used by the makers to make the wigs durable for a long time, quality and durability are what determine the price.

Even if the cost is slightly greater, pick a high-quality bone straight wig if you don’t want the hair to become damaged and fall out. In contrast to weaves with ordinary durability, those with high durability will be more exacting. The best kind of bone-straight hair is typically stronger.


We believe you now understand human hair wigs price in Nigeria. To start, you should be able to tell bone straight wigs from other wig kinds. Long, high-quality wigs can cost more, but they will give you the desired, elegant charm.

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