How Much Does A Lawyer Wig Cost In Nigeria

How Much Does A Lawyer Wig Cost In Nigeria? & Where to Buy!

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Are you interested in learning how much a lawyer’s wig and gown costs in Nigeria? If so, you are in the proper location. I’ll discuss with you the pricing range for getting a full barristers wig and gown in Nigeria in this brief post.

Lawyer’s wigs in Nigeria cost anywhere from N30,000 to N500,000 depending on the quality, material, and type.

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Every lawyer and law student in Nigeria “must have” a lawyer’s wig and gown. The Nigerian legal system requires it, which is the cause. Law students might not require it while they are in school, but as soon as they pass the Nigerian Law School bar exam, they do.

In fact, I urge everyone to have it—young attorneys and law students alike. Being a law student does not prevent you from owning his or her wig and gown since moot competitions are held in most Nigerian colleges while wearing them.

It is undoubtedly challenging to locate a store in Nigeria that sells Lawyer’s wigs and gowns. However, I will go into more detail about it in my article on the best stores in Nigeria to get a lawyer’s wig and gown. I’ll be telling you how much a lawyer’s wig and gown costs in Nigeria in today’s post. Therefore, if you are an attorney or law student, you should start saving money for it.

How much are Lawyer’s wig and gown in Nigeria?

The exact wig and gown you choose to buy will have a significant impact on the cost of a lawyer’s wig and gown in Nigeria. Young attorneys wear wigs that are visibly different from those worn by Senior Advocates. As a result, the wig worn by judges is distinct from that of SANs.

Well, that’s just a quick response. However, you shouldn’t worry too much because I’ll show you some of the most common wigs and attire worn by Nigerian lawyers, along with their costs. The most popular lawyer’s wigs and gowns in Nigeria, along with their pricing, are listed below in order of least to most costly.

  • Prune (whole set) costs N30,000.

For lawyers and law students, prune is one of the least expensive wigs and gown options. Pruning is inexpensive and simple to maintain. Due to its low price, it is the wig that law students in Nigeria are most frequently advised to buy.

Recall that Prune includes a wig, gown, shirt, or collarettes, as well as all additional accessories.

  • A prestige wig costs N40.000.

The prices for Lawyer wigs and gowns at Prestige are among the lowest in the nation. Prestige costs just 40,000.00 at the moment (Forty thousand naira only). It is portable and simple to maintain. The price listed above is for the entire set.

  • Complete Stafford Supreme set, N60,000.

One of the high-quality wigs and dresses I have seen is Stafford Supreme. During moot court competitions, young attorneys and law students primarily use it. The cost is reasonable and suitable for a new wig. Here are the top stores in Nigeria to purchase a lawyer’s wig and gown if you want to purchase this wig.

  • The full set of the Robinhood Supreme Wig costs N70,000.

You should be able to tell how adorable the wig and gown are from the name Robinhood. Unlike any other, Robinhood is frequently used in court by astute attorneys. Yes! That is simply the case. In court, the majority of the clever attorneys and students I encountered wore this wig. Personally, I’m not sure why, although I suppose the wig also adds something to the brain. Lol

The cost of the Robinhood Supreme Wig right now is simply N70,000. It is without a doubt one of the most affordable whole sets of lawyer’s wigs and gowns on the market. Wig, gown, shirt, collarette, and all other accessories are included with Robinhood.

  • Green Supreme (whole set) costs N90,000.

Green Supreme is undoubtedly one of the most costly wigs and downs in the nation. It is lengthy and has a bright green hue.

  • Primus Aluid Wig costs 100,000 and 180,000 respectively.

The Scottish Episcopal Church’s leading bishop, chosen by the other bishops from among themselves, dons a wig called Primus. It has a Scottish barrister’s wig design and is made entirely of wool. Primus comes in two varieties; the first costs N180,000, while the second costs N100,000 just.

  • 500,000 for a full horse hair bottomen wig and gown

One of the most expensive and prestigious wigs and gowns for Nigerian lawyers is the full horse hair bottomen. In Nigeria, Senior Advocates and Supreme Court Judges frequently carry it. Currently, the whole set and various accessories are only 500K.

Wig, gown, shirt, or collarette, as well as any other accessories, are included with the Full Horse Hair Bottomen.

The pricing range for a lawyer’s wig and gown in Nigeria is merely mentioned above. As you can see from the information above, the cost of a barrister’s wig or gown in Nigeria mostly relies on its type and quality.

There are even more, which we won’t address here for the time being. If you require more information, merely submit your thoughts in the space provided.

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How Much Does A Lawyer Wig Cost In Nigeria

Best Places to purchase Lawyers Wig and Gowns

  • LegalCode

Without a question, the greatest source to buy wigs and gowns for lawyers in Nigeria and other countries is LegalCode. This business offers more than simply wigs and dresses.

Local and worldwide legal practitioners, also manufacture and distribute legal accessories. Both lawyers and law students can choose from a variety of packages offered by Legal code. For instance, they provide a package (full lawyer’s costume) with a very attractive and portable box for legal associates.

  • Solohan Clothing

Without a question, the most affordable shop in Nigeria to get a lawyer’s wig and gown is Solohan Apparel. I recently went to their Instagram account and was incredibly impressed. Solohan has stylish outfits and wigs for traditional lawyers. Solohan’s current location is in Abuja.

  • Bronks and Montgomery

Another business that is steadfastly committed to offering its consumers the finest is Bronks and Montgomery. This is an undeniable reality. Personally, I advise you to give them a shot. Additionally, their goods are inexpensive and within reach of even law students.

  • Benakol Legal Classics Ltd.

Benakol Legal Classics Limited was established as a private business in accordance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Part A.

The company has created its own style of legal regalia that is light, strong, and weather-friendly because it is made from 100% horse wool.

  • 9jaLex

The earliest internet retailer for lawyers in Nigeria is likely 9jaLegal. Basically, they sell an entire set of wigs and suits for lawyers. One of the greatest places to look if you’re looking for decent, high-quality wigs or dresses is 9jaLegal.

You don’t need me to say anything else about their product. Simply get in touch with them using the details below to find out for yourself.

  • Legal Accessories Warehouse

It is a storehouse for anything legal, as the name would imply. They deal with items like wigs, dresses, collarettes, bibs, tunic shirts, and numerous other things. The current location of Legal Accessories Warehouse is Abuja.

In Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, you can find them next to the Civil Defense headquarters. As an alternative, you can view some of their products on their website by clicking the link below. I’m telling you, you’ll adore it.

  • Legal City

Although I haven’t actually gone there, based on the positive recommendations that many customers have left about the business, I believe it will be a wonderful site for young attorneys and law students to get their wigs and gowns.

The time is now. Please hurry and get in touch with them to order your very own barriers wig and gown from them.

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