Hkg Laces Price In Nigeria & Where to Buy!

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HKG Swiss Vouge Lace in different colors and designs starts selling at an affordable price of N150,000.

In Nigeria, 145,000 NGN is the best price for Lace HKG ORGANZA LACE -SKY BLUE by Jumia.

In the last 37 months, Jumia had the best price for Lace HKG ORGANZA LACE -SKY BLUE in Nigeria at 110,000 NGN.

Over the past 37 months, Jumia has sold Lace HKG ORGANZA LACE -SKY BLUE for the most at 150,000 NGN.

In Nigeria, the difference between the lowest and highest prices for Lace HKG ORGANZA LACE -SKY BLUE from Jumia in the last 37 months is 40,000 NGN.

In the last 37 months, the average price of a Lace HKG ORGANZA LACE -SKY BLUE from Jumia in Nigeria was 135,000 NGN.

Hkg Laces Price In Nigeria

The New Hkg Ankara Celeb Ladies Wear To Parties

  • It is sold for N550,000.
  • The most affordable is 350k for 6 yards.

Do you know that HKG Vlisco is a new brand of Ankara cloth? This kind of Ankara is the new thing for big babes, and it has gone beyond the regular colorful print sold for 7,000 Naira for 6 yards. There is a new Ankara called “HKG Ankara” that rich celebrity women wear to parties. It costs 550k for 6 yards, while the old design costs 350k for 6 yards.


While most people who like African prints will ask you if it’s true that 6 yards of Ankara fabric can be sold for 550k. Many rich, stylish, and famous women buy it in sets of 6 or 5 because of its finesse and class. Well, HKG Vlisco Ankara is not the same as Regular Ankara Print or other locally made Ankara Print. It is an International Print that only the wealthy can afford.

It can’t be worn as an Aso-Ebi, and because of its price, only a few famous women can afford to wear HKG Ankara. It is a high-end product for famous women, who will buy it without blinking an eye.

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How come HKG Ankara costs 550k? As we already said, it’s a Luxury Brand that only a few people can afford. It is made from the best Ankara print made in the Netherlands, which is called “Vlisco.” It is then sent to Switzerland, where HKG is made. HKG Ankara is a mix of HKG’s lace and Vlisco’s Ankara, which is made in the Netherlands.

Hajia Hafsat Albdulkadir TANIN, CEO of HDGvliscofabrics on Toyin Street, is a Northern Luxury Ankara Merchant who I spoke with. She says that HKG Ankara is from more than ten years ago and is very popular with wealthy people in the North. Her words were, “HKG Vlisco is very popular with a lot of rich people in the North. We people who live in the north are used to wearing luxury Ankara. Even our bride wear HKG Vilisco. Before dollars rise.

We used to sell HKG Vlisvo Ankara for 300k, but now the most recent collection of HKG Vlisvo Ankara costs 550k, and the least expensive one costs 350k. You can’t get HKG Vlisco in every store. In Lagos, only a few stores sell HKG Anakara, but many stores in Northern Ankara do, even though it’s very expensive. Young northern celebrities know the value of HKG Vlisvo Ankara, so they wear it.

When I asked her why it was so expensive, she said it was because it was made abroad. It was made by two companies from different countries.

Swiss is where HKG is made. They make lace, while Vlisco is the best thing the Netherlands has to offer. Imagine having to go to two different countries to get the finished product. Celebrities wear HKG Vlisco Ankara for many different reasons. Whenever you wear it, you can be sure that no one else will have it.

The patterns are also not always the same. It’s called “Eti Aje” and it’s an Ankara with lace trim. It stays the same. You can get it, and you can be sure that it will last forever. Even though it’s called Ankara, people know that it’s not normal. So you can do it with full confidence and skill,” she said.

Otunba Folashade Adesoye, who is the top diamond dealer in Lagos, has also been seen wearing HKG Vlisco. She has always had good taste. The Queen of the Elegushi Dynasty, Olori Aramide Elegushi, was seen wearing it at a Lagos event. Isn’t Hajia Olaide Olohunwa important? She sells and wears Ankara HKG. Her last birthday photoshoot showed her wearing one.

How will you recognize HKG Vlisco Ankara?

It has both Swiss HKG Lace and colorful Ankara in it. Lace is always added to the end of an Ankara. They come in a lot of different colors.

Ankara was first made by the Dutch for the textile market in Indonesia. However, the tribal-like patterns of the prints made them much more popular in West African countries. African Print Dutch Company Vlisco used to call Ankara “Dutch wax print.”

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