CN Shoe Size to UK – Men, Women & Children

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Converting Chinese (CN) shoe sizes to UK sizes requires understanding the differences in measurement systems. Chinese shoe sizes are typically measured in millimeters (mm), focusing on the length of the insole, while UK sizes are generally expressed in a different sizing system.

For men, a Chinese shoe size of 38, which corresponds to a foot length of 24.1 cm (241 mm), is equivalent to a UK size 6. For women, a Chinese size of 35.5, with a foot length of 22.0 cm, equates to a UK size 5. It’s important to note that these conversions can vary slightly depending on the brand and style of the shoe.

Here are the conversion tables for men and women:

Men’s Chinese Shoe Size Conversion to UK:

  • CN Size 38 (24.1 cm) = UK Size 6
  • CN Size 39 (24.6 cm) = UK Size 6.5
  • CN Size 40 (25.0 cm) = UK Size 7
  • CN Size 48 (30.1 cm) = UK Size 13

Women’s Chinese Shoe Size Conversion to UK:

  • CN Size 35.5 (22.0 cm) = UK Size 5
  • CN Size 36 (22.4 cm) = UK Size 5.5
  • CN Size 36.5 (22.9 cm) = UK Size 6
  • CN Size 44.5 (27.9 cm) = UK Size 12

For children, the starting Chinese shoe size is 22 (16 cm), which is equivalent to a US size 4C. The sizes increase in increments of 0.5 cm.

Children’s Chinese Shoe Size Conversion:

  • CN Size 22 (16 cm) = US Size 4C
  • CN Size 23 (16.5 cm) = US Size 6C
  • CN Size 24 (17 cm) = US Size 8C
  • CN Size 32 (21 cm) = US Size 13.5C

It’s always best to use these tables as a general guideline, as sizes can vary slightly between brands and models. For accurate sizing, it’s recommended to check the specific shoe manufacturer’s size chart or measure your foot size in millimeters and use a conversion table.

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