Arewa Fashion Design For Female

[20+ Pictures] Arewa Fashion Design For Female & Males

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Arewa (Northern Nigerian) attire is vibrant and bright. Its growth has produced many types and designs, all influenced by Hausa and Fulani traditional dress.

Arewa fashion emphasizes aso-oke, damask, and Ankara. These fabrics are used for formal and informal dresses. Damask and Ankara are utilized for everyday fashions, while Yoruba handwoven aso-oke is used for traditional weddings.

Arewa Fashion Design For Female

arewa fashion design for male

Arewa fashion is famed for its “gele” head wraps. These head wraps are usually embroidered and made of the same fabric as the clothing. They’re worn with matching shirts and flowing gowns.

arewa fashion gown style

Many designers use Arewa fashion to explore current and contemporary trends. They have produced basic and elegant to bold and vivid styles by combining traditional materials and techniques with Western forms and patterns.

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arewa fashion lace style

“Corals”—Nigerian beads—are another hallmark of Arewa attire. These beads are used to make bright necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from glass, resin, and plastic. These beads can customize any outfit with color.

arewa fashion style instagram

Arewa fashion is becoming worn as everyday wear. Northern Nigerian young women are wearing Arewa fashion’s gorgeous designs.

arewa fashion gallery

Northern Nigerian Arewa fashion has something for everyone. Its classic, exquisite gowns and sophisticated, contemporary styles will make any lady feel attractive, confident, and proud of her ancestry.

arewa fashion style

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